Confessions of a Secular Psychic

Outwardly I seem just like “everyone else” going to the store, grumbling at the gas-station, procrastinating about changing the furnace filter. But when I flip the switch on my computer, I work in a world replete with healers, holy-men, clairvoyants, snake oil-salesmen and carny-hucksters. I am a writer, artist and, secretly to many, a psychic, empathic Intuitive Counselor online.

There’s nothing about me that says, “spiritual”. You will not find fairies, flowers or chakra charts festooning my office and you will not find crystals hanging from my rear-view mirror. I am more a scientist and skeptic than I am a romantic believer and yet much of my work day focuses on phenomena that truly cannot be explained.

I do not set up card tables and spread out tarot cards and candles, I do not encircle my clients with heady incense nor sell them “cleansings” or “voo-doo love spells. I thoroughly believe that “heart work” is more important than the purse and that you take care of the former, it will eventually take care of the latter. Yet I work in a field where many people are out to make a fast dollar and expose the vulnerability of people in pain and I reject that with every ounce of my being and it was a monumental inner debate to determine if I even wanted to be involved in such an industry. I help people in the area of “inner growth and spiritual perspectives” for lack of a better word – I still struggle with the loaded connotation of “Spiritual” — I am not Religious or Mystical and I would sooner undergo perpetual root-canal than be a “spiritual leader” or guru.

I talk about past lives, chakras and Angels if a client wishes to — but cosmic psychobabble turns me off and often find myself uncomfortable with the current New-Age patois if there is no deeper purpose. After all, many so-called “New Age” beliefs are really universal or common ones. I’m uncomfortable with the way some people follow spiritual leaders and dogmas. No one has all the answers and so I believe that all teachers are also students.

Most people see psychics, if they’re deeply honest, to hear that what they want is going to happen or to know what the future is going to bring them. But I don’t believe this is what real intuition or clairvoyance gives as a gift. I prefer to help people find a way to locate their own awareness and potential, to find possibilities in the PRESENT rather than to chase the future …

Some days I feel like a fish out of water.

In this blog I hope to reveal my experiences as that out-of-water-fish and to write articles to help people use psychics responsibly, to avoid scams, to avoid addiction and pain. There will also be some content here in my blog that relates to our various spiritual journeys and pathways through life..

stay tuned!