I believe that ALL of us have intuitive ability and psychic awareness and one of the first places we experience intuition is within our family circle. “Mother’s Intuition” is quite famous and many brothers, sisters, aunts, grandfathers and other family members have a feeling about family connected to them when they are in danger, feeling blue, or experiencing great joy. Here’s a great story I found in the Telegraph about 15 year old Gemma Houghton who saved her (fraternal, not identical) twin sister from drowning in the tub after a seizure because she had a “feeling” :

Twin’s Sixth Sense Saves Drowning Sister


What’s in the NAME?

Some of my clients (perhaps thinking that my online handle is a fat-headed, egotistical homage to my intellect or insights) greet me as, “Brilliant”

But the ‘Brilliance’ in ‘Brilliance In Sight’ is not ME or my insights. Of course it’s a play on words… but it refers to all of us having the ability to see the distinctive and special LIGHT that exists in others and in ourselves and to do things to light the way, help or inspire others.

Merriam Webster’s defines ‘brilliance’ as the state of being ‘brilliant’ — an adjective meaning keen, distinctive or… glittery. The word came from a dream. I’ve always loved ‘shiny’ things… and so glittering, glimmering, shiny objects of all sorts came into my dream. Stones, diamonds, pennies, stars, twinkling away — it was really fantastic. When I woke up I had a sense that the dream meant “brilliance” that we should find ways to be special, distinctive and illuminating.

We are all ‘brilliant’ in some way and sometimes we need to remember those parts of our Being that really GLOW. Just like those glittery goo-gaws in my dream, baubles need to shine and not stay hidden in a drawer or covered up by dust. We need to shine this BRILLIANT SELF outwards so that others can do the same. Helping others from this place is never a selfish act or one that we do to feed our egos, but something that is part of who we are.

What makes you Brilliant? What do you do to shine this into the world? Whether you work on huge philanthropic missions, in small personal gestures, or random acts of kindness you are finding your Brilliance.