Listen to your “GUT” Part Two


Speaking of guts… the other day I was going outside in one of our early Spring snows and saw that a little trap-door to the crawl space under my stairs was open. I didn’t want any neighbourhood pets or kids to get in there so I went to shut it and got all the way down the steps when my “gut” said, “NO Don’T DO IT!” – I could see the steps, I could see the trap door, I knew it was only about 2 feet away, – what could possibly go wrong? I decided to take my chances with whatever snarling, one-eyed-purple-people-eater that could be down there and I ….

fell off the steps. Right into the snow. The snow had covered up the last step and I hit it half way on and half-way off — and over I went. Was this coincidence? Maybe. But I chock it up to instance 1,290,645 where I should have listened to my GUTS.