Can I learn psychic reading?

A lot of psychics want you to believe that they have a special, unique hoo-doo that no-body else has, like some special super-power that could get them into Xavier’s School for Gifted (mutant) Youngsters or the Justice League,  but in my experience (and careful nerdy observation) *everyone* has psychic or extrasensory abilities.

We all have the capacity to use our intuitive mind and do, many times a day, without even thinking about it. The ability to “predict” and extrapolate what is possible in the future is a unique human adaptation;  “If I shoot arrow at Woolly Mammoth, might have Mammoth chops for dinner.”    Human intuition takes this ability to think in terms of what-is-possible with awareness that goes beyond our every day observational ability.  This  is really just part of our native tool kit (“gut instincts”).   Believe it or not, there is a part of you which is tied to all other energy everywhere.

You can learn to develop your intuitive mind, develop native psychic ability and your connection between your rational mind and “inner voice” through practise and study using a myriad of techniques and some people can learn how to use traditional tools such as tarot, playing cards, tea-leaves, etc. to sharpen intuitive awareness.  The problem is, many people simply stop with successfully learning the “tool”  instead of tapping into their own awareness.  You can learn how to give readings with the Tarot and be as psychic as a pet rock.  All that is required is memorisation of card meanings and layouts. Voila.   In fact, you don’t even need a person – there are web-sites and flash-programs that randomly generate meanings and layouts.  This is DIFFERENT than learning to expand your psychic abilities and different (depending on how you approach your reading) with actual psychic/intuitive guidance.

I recommend students who are learning to tap into inner-awareness/psychic mind using cards, runes, or tarot (etc),  to always look at those tools as jumping off points to the part of awareness that is in an altogether different neighbourhood from the conscious “memorise- a- set- of -symbols” mind.   In fact, when I help instruct people in this topic,  I like to use NON-TRADITIONAL (and less culturally loaded) tools  such as drawings, greeting cards,  sand, etc. to open up this part of awareness and close the gap between Self and perception.

Not every person uses their intuition to the level of “psychic reading” or clairvoyance and your own personal mileage will vary.  In the same way that everyone has rhythm and musicality built into their heart and soul, not everyone will play, not everyone will master an instrument and not everyone will be Sergei Rachmaninoff.    There are native intuitive abilities just like there are physical or mental abilities.   Not everyone can touch their tongue to their nose, and not everyone possesses mediumship abilities, or the ability to “see” energy, etc.

That doesn’t mean you can’t learn your own unique psychic talent, whether it’s to give readings or to gain awareness and have a better relationship with your instincts.  Get to it!