Dream: Lucky Nighttime Super Pool Raffle

Last night I had a dream:

I’m in a gorgeous natatorium style indoor swimming pool area and it’s night-time. This place is ludicrously deluxe; there are strolling violinists, fountains, statues, and lights glowing around the sapphire-hued pool and Turkish tile.  (Think indoor Roman pool at Hearst Castle only huge.)   Apparently there’s some kind of very fancy benefit dinner (and swim-in?) going on here and there is a raffle for luxurious door prizes.  Ha! As if.  Never in my life have I won any kind of raffle. Even in my dream I’m aware that my luck rarely seems that fantastic –even in the Bingo games of 3rd grade.  When the tuxedoed MC gets to the announcements for the Grand Prize of  the night, a round-trip  ticket  to any destination in Europe and an all-expenses paid 7 day stay, he calls… MY NAME!

What?  Certainly this can’t be!

I must get out of the pool and go up to the podium to accept my prize, only for some reason I’m wearing the most miniature of Brazilian swim-suit creations.  A style I wouldn’t be caught dead in in real life.  (Even as a thin person my admiration for Olde Timey woolen swim suits was unending)    I hoist myself out of the water, and walk proudly and confidently to get my prize… embarrassingly tiny swim-suit and all. My pale, under-tanned skin is luminescing like the underbelly of a salamander, my hairstyle has disappeared in the water and is now hanging in wet seaweed tendrils,  and I probably look like a marshmallow wearing a rubber-band, but all is good. Dream Me is totally unaffected by shame or pride. “This is a great sign!” Dream Me says.

We’re trained to expect the same unlucky treatment in our lives time and time again. This dream, a variation of the classic “naked public speaking dream”,  is a message that sometimes good things CAN happen and that our lucky number might just come up someday, especially if we’re afraid to be open to the world in ways that expand beyond our preconceptions.   The dream-theme of being underdressed in public is all about vulnerability.  Those things about our deepest SELF which Ego thinks it needs to moderate and would rather hide behind a perfect coif, a Badgley Mischka ensemble, or our ugliest, most comfy old baggy flannels.  We’re not in “control” when we’re naked, wet, or exposed – however, the power of Self might be there to carry us through if we let go of some of our fears.  The luxuriousness of the surroundings in this dream are not about wealth, they are about worth. Self worth being the magic key that unlocks all doors.  When you find yourself at a dead-end, keep going.  Each time you miss an opportunity you have a choice:  feel punished and stuck, or inspired to keep strutting your stuff.  I don’t know about you, but I’m packing my suitcase for Paris and Vienna.

Get up there, people. Don’t be afraid to work your floss swim-suit, walk up to the podium and claim your prize!


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