Happy Valentine’s Day!

Valentine Birds 01

sometimes the bluebird of happiness needs a little help

We all need a little love in our lives and sometimes it starts with a kindness, spreading a little bit of your happiness outwards. The cliché is “to get love, give love”  and this is really true whether we’re talking about a Valentine crush or a spouse of 20 years.   We shouldn’t give love to manipulate others into doing things our way or to get them to like us, but we CAN openly share joy, playfulness, our sweet song-bird side.  If you know someone who is down or whom could give you a little MORE of the sweet-stuff, let your heart speak for you. It will help them clear their mind, kick ego out of the captain’s chair and let them open up to their own inner song bird too.  (We tend to take turns in this supportive role)    Kicking your reactive emotions  to the curb is the best way to be the fearless little love-bird that you really are!

And for those of you who’ve reminded me about the old “Spiritoons” from the old days – yes, as you can see, they’re back!  Will post more as they come along.

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