When in Deep Water, Become a Diver

Copy of Mouse Meet

Among the first readings I did decades ago were “rune” readings, and one of my favourite books was Ralph Blum’s book on the topic.   One of the phrases he uses for the rune Uruz (reversed position)  is “Consider the constant cycling of death and rebirth, the endless going and return. Everything we experience has a beginning, a middle, and an  end and is followed by a new beginning. Therefore, Do not draw back from the passage into darkness.  When in deep water, become a diver.”

I’ve always remembered that phrase over the years … when things get rough… “when in deep water, become a diver.”   When things are difficult or we’re challenged or even just facing a wellspring of emotions at the prospect of the constant changes life brings,  struggling makes things worse. Trying to claw your way to the surface or leap out of the tide sometimes isn’t a possibility. Knowing when to allow things to change (and to embrace endings)  is part of life!

Therefore, sometimes it’s best to just dive in and embrace what is happening.  Put the metaphorical snorkel on and explore.   There are wonderful things to discover in depth and going into the unknown need not represent “failure” and catastrophic loss… after all, challenge is your avenue to a new and better way of being and growth.   There is no “ending” or change without some kind of re-birth!  The winter must end for there to be pretty tulips in the spring and being pregnant must end to bring a new baby into the world.

In my coloured-pencil drawing of the mouse diving with the Koi-fish,  Mousie is in a TOTALLY foreign environment, but the sights she sees are wonderful and new and the coppery scales shining underwater are amazing to see.  Not only that, but in this new environment the fish are as curious about her as she is about them!  Each change is an opportunity to learn new things about new people, places and things and, even more importantly, about yourself.

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