Mother’s Day



On Mother’s Day, we honour our mothers with pancake breakfasts, carnations, cards and tokens of love.  Moms are our life-givers and more than that, they teach, guide, instruct (not always in the ways they imagine) and love us.  Mind you, it’s not just the mothers of our ancestry or those of biology that nurture us into life;– because those mothers can be unreliable or absent from our lives.  Our “mothers” may arrive in many forms:  an adopted “mom”  we find later in life, the mother of a friend, a grandmother, aunt, sister, friend or even a father.   A mother’s love contains vast oceans of acceptance , encouragement, harsh criticism, and challenge.   Moms deserve that special day (and many more!) in thanks for all their patience and courage, it’s true!   But on this day, let’s not only honour our loving mothers but also our INNER MOM.   We spend so much of our lives looking for someone to take care of us and show us love… we are often in search of this mothering power in other people!  But we have an “inner mother”  too. The capacity to take care of ourselves, to nurture ourselves, to accept ourselves and to take care of what needs to be done.    As we grow, our real mothers help us when we approach a cliff and don’t know what to do, or when we face a patch of troubled and uncertain thinking.  When clouds dot the horizon there is a loving adult presence to show us the steps we can take, to remind us that we’re safe and that we’re whole.  This nurturing energy says, “You are loved”  –        if you don’t FEEL that in a given moment, or if a mother is not present – make sure you can tap into this part of YOURSELF.   Everyone has an internal “mother” energy and everyone alive on Earth comes to a passage where we just take care of ourselves and nurture others instead of looking to others for mom-love.   You have a tremendous capacity to care for yourself and other people!

This energy of nurturing and creativity is part of everyone and brings balance to young and old, male and female.  It reminds us to nurture and support others and to be part of the great CREATIVE force!  With this part of ourselves we can find new and better ways to care for our children, our mothers, ourselves.       On this special day – love all your “MOMS” inner and outer!  You are lucky enough to have at least one mom – so tell her how special she is.  I lost my own mom a few years ago so I hope that in spirit she knows just how much we love her!

*About the picture: this is a blow up of a miniature drawing in a daybook about 2 inches tall; – I sent it out to my family. (There was a great deal of empathy to the mother mouse from all – haha)

One thought on “Mother’s Day

  1. Niloo says:

    HAPPY MOTHER’S DAY!! To you, to my mom, and to my inner mom…absent though she has been 🙂 But we’re starting a new journey together (again!) today.

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