Weekly Card June 21st 2013: Pigs n’ Fish

One of my favourite decks for purely intuitive responses (and just because it’s funny) is the previously out-of-print “Morgan’s Tarot”  (more about it in the “About” section at the end of this post)   which is not a tarot deck at all, but a bizarre picture/word deck with dopey, cryptic, loopy messages  drawn in a graphic style that brings me back to my childhood in the ‘70s.   Its lighthearted, but serious insight are perfect for the energy we have at present.

BONUS:   Today we had a “jumper” which means in selecting the card, another one jumps out – so there is actually a bonus image for our leap into the Solstice and Summer (for those of us in the Northern hemisphere)… in fact right as I type this it is EXACTLY the Summer Solstice…


pigs and fishes

Note:   * As always, before you read about my interpretation for the card – take a moment to look at this picture and see if you have your OWN message or response popping out at you.

I love this card. My first response is , “What the hell?”   — Pigs and fishes?  What does that even mean?  And that’s precisely what this card is conveying to me.  Sometimes in life we just don’t know what the hell is going on!    We’re surrounded by pigs and fishes and we don’t know what, if anything, it all means.   Are the pigs piggy and selfish or are they Wilbur-esque and kind?  Are the fishes walking on land or are we under-water?    The ultimate meaning or importance of what is happening right now is just out of view and no matter how much we try to make sense of it all… we just simply can’t.  It feels like you’re going around a blind, curve.    Even if you have the ESP skills of Kreskin  and  you’re intelligently attuned to the flow of life with an abundance of smart,  logical thinking on your side, there are going to be events and times that are beyond your grasp  and which throw you for a loop.

Sometimes this feeling is the strongest when there’s just something we can’t CONTROL happening in our lives.  Maybe it’s a relationship with a loved one that we’re trying to improve, a new project we’ve been handed, trying to get accepted by that perfect job or school, or helping a loved one with a crisis… there is literally only so much we can physically do and even less that we can ultimately control.  The fact that we can’t always “make” things happen be can be pretty painful for the part of us that wants to control  the bejeezus out of everything and make sure that we have the best outcome and result.     In those times where we’re in foreign territory and the pigs and fish are swirling at our ankles, it’s important to accept  what we can not understand or influence and let things unfold instead of  fight to stay on top.    In time we’ll understand  the big picture and we’ll regain familiar footing and strength.  In the meantime we have to stay open and do our best to stay loving to ourselves and other people even if we feel like a stranger in a strange land.   Be open to making friends with some of these pigs and some of these fish… they may ultimately be new helpers later on.     They might put you on the trail of the best truffles or biggest pearl bearing oysters, after all!

Bonus jumper card :



WOW – really?  That’s fabulous news! I’ve always wanted to hear these words.  Now… just one look at the picture shows us that we can, indeed, do a little wrong.   I did see a hipster street musician sporting a similar half-shaved ‘do… but most of us probably can’t get away with it.  And that bird flying upside down? That’s just wrong!     Or is it?     ..    this card is asking us to take a new approach, to do something askew or to go ahead and keep trying even if things are a little funky right now.  Don’t take things TOO seriously, when all is said and done – you can right yourself and things might turn out better than you think.     You might gain new perspectives by flying upside down or by curling those handlebars with mustache wax and hacking off half your golden locks with your eyes closed.     (Metaphorically speaking of course… mustache wax is nothing to play around with!)  This is not your carte blanche to drunk dial an ex or quit your job without a plan…  but instead is a reminder that you can take a few risks and try some new perspectives on for size.     Just don’t run with the scissors.

**About the deck:  This is the “MORGAN TAROT” by Morgan Robbins and illustrated by Darshan Chorpash and published by US GAMES (first in 1970)  – it’s not a tarot deck – but an 88 card deck of modern images and endearing (but very thought-provoking) concepts.    The artwork in this deck is priceless and 60s influenced and generally non-scary.  Some of the cards, like “Du Whacky Du” are downright hilarious, but there are serious and timely messages in the pack as well.  I no longer own the LWB that comes with this deck, but it’s reportedly quite trippily insightful.  Kind of like a car ride through Nevada with Hunter S. Thompson.


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