The Flowers: Card of the Week 12 August 2013


card 8.12.2013


I generally dislike  pat, predictive, sun-shiny  oracular messages that say things like “you just landed on a pot-of Gold” or  “this is going to be a great day where you will find a rainbow puppy that poops ice-cream sandwiches”   still, this week’s card has a decidedly happy flair for us!   The short description from the accompanying book  indicates The Flower says,

“Moving on from the past towards a better future. Happiness is coming, and success in all you do. You will now benefit from past efforts and good fortune and romantic relationships thrive.”

Certainly a little bit of hyperbole – but this week’s card brings us a positive message!  Whether or not you find that rainbow puppy, things ARE looking up.   One of the great experiences of gardening is when a flower you planted as a seed and fussed over, seemingly for a long time, finally breaks the ground with its little seed leaves spread like two little wings, or when the second year of a hollyhock’s life finally bears flowers with which to make little toothpick dolls.     Watering a bare patch of Earth and checking for signs of life may not be fun but when that beautiful sunflower finally stands a foot or two taller than your head and smiles down on you with yellow and red petals curling around its face;  it’s an awesome feeling.    (Those of you keeping track of the changing images on my blog will note that all the background photographs feature flowers and plants from my garden)

Likewise, this week you may find some of your OWN blooms blossoming.   Enjoy the flowers and happy things that you find in the garden of your life this week.  And if you don’t quite see that special flower yet – remember that things are often brewing, growing, unfurling and greening out of sight. Under the moonlight, through the rains of late summer – things are still growing even if you don’t see the reassurance of your toiling just now.     Better still, go out and find some flowers in bloom !    Find some gardens to delight in and some activities that make you feel as though you’re in fertile soil and not just playing a waiting game.  Enjoy friends, enjoy the “fruits” of the season and have fun!


About the deck:  This week’s card comes from a Lenormand type deck I was given called the “FAIRY TALE FORTUNE CARDS”  by Liz Dean and illustrated in mixed media by Bev Speight  and published by CICO books.      Now, “fairy” things are often a little to twee for me but this deck has some amazing mixed media artwork  and a light, bright  aesthetic to it right out of the 1960’s.  The connections to fairy-tales for each card and the addition of a short bit of prose is endearing.  The Lenormand is an altogether different card system from the Tarot, with  36 traditional images usually read in combinations of cards  (from 3 to the full 36 though you can certainly use them for single card draws).    Lenormand decks decks often give direct, concrete information (contrasting from the broad strokes and variable, esoteric meanings of Tarot).    The cards were invented by Marie Anne  Adelaide LeNormand (1772 – 1843)  who was  the most famous cartomancer  in 18th century France and card reader of Josephine, Napoleon Bonaparte’s Empress consort as well as many of leaders of the French Revolution.

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