The Gambler: Card of the Week 19th August, 2013

Card 8.19.2013 1


This week’s card came with a hopper (a hopper is a bonus card or two that falls or “leaps” out of the deck somehow).     And what a great hopper it was, because it gives us an intuitive clue as to what these cards from the Sibila  Oracle are on about.    “The Gamblers”  and  “Love” appear to give us guidance for the week and it’s all about risking our heart.

Take a closer look at the image on the two of spades:

Card 8.19.2013 2


Obviously, these fine gentlemen have spent more time coiffing those prodigious mutton chop side-burns than brushing up on their poker skills.   Mr. Blue Coat seems to be winning – and it’s no wonder! He’s getting getting clues from Mr. Green Coat standing behind the table about what cards Mr. Red Coat has in his hand.   “Two queens, you say?”  Unfortunately for him though, he’s not the brightest oil lamp, and because his brain is so busy trying to gain insight, he’s not aware that his grip has loosened and his own cards have flopped forwards.   Mr. Red Coat is scrutinizing whatever he can see.     One or the other may win a hand or two, but with all this protecting, hiding, sneaking and competing, neither of them will get ahead for long. It’s going to be a long night.  These two buffoons are so busy trying to one- up one another and figure each other out that they’re not enjoying (or really winning)  the game.

Sound familiar?  There are a lot of parallels to this scene when it comes to our eternal project: learning to get along with (and love) each other.  No matter what kind of relationship it is (brother, boss, jerk-roommate, boyfriend, girlfriend, sister-in-law, husband or wife) chances are at one point or another you’ve been so busy trying to figure them out and what their motive is and get an “edge” that you’ve totally lost perspective on what your own personal responsibilities and powers are.  You’ve become a helpless victim with all the mental figuring, adding-up and determining you’ve been doing without the benefit of actual communication.

This card asks:  is it more important to “win” or is it more important to really authentically play the game and do your best?     If you’re trying to make someone jealous, make them lonesome, make them figure out how much they screwed up, or trying to figure out what they’re thinking or feeling  (without actually TALKING to them) then you’re losing steam in your effort to be on top and protect yourself from being hurt.   Loving someone else is not about winning, not about gaining an advantage over them and not about “figuring them out”  from the vantage point of your fears (and your wild imagination when fear gets going).  Won’t that always let you see the WORST?   “He’s a jerk. He’ disrespecting me.”  — all of those thoughts are excuses that your ego can use to get you to play a dirty game of poker that you will never ever win.

Instead of trying to figure everyone in the situation out,  get back in the game.  Use your kindness and compassion to see the situation more accurately and use your mouth to speak up  and to learn about your loved-one.     Since there are only two intentions (to protect/close or learn/open up)  you know what you have to do.  Be willing to involve yourself  and be willing to be vulnerable again.          Letting go of all the card-peeking also means that you’re not spending 24 hours a day thinking about this problem!  Are you so busy trying to figure everyone out that you’re not living your own life?    You have things to do for yourself and the focus must go back to you so that you are in touch with your personal responsibility, empowerment and flow. Without those important ingredients of self-connection and self-love  the stakes of the game are too high:  “I must win this… and if I don’t win. I’m lost. There is no me.”

Why is this all so important?   Because this little guy is on the scene this week:

Card 8.19.2013 3


That’s right.  Cupid is on the scene and he’s trying to shoot an arrow into your fist-like core and open your heart.   Love is trying to come in here, if only you take a risk and make the gamble to be open and to let others in.   He’s a naked baby wearing a ribbon so he knows all about “exposed” and he’s saying it’s OK to let it all hang out a little bit even though that sometimes feels like the most terrifying thing in the world.     The only weapon in his arsenal is a quiver of love, kindness and acceptance and that is, ironically, the best kind of protection for YOU because the truth needs no other defense and your integrity requires this like sunflowers require the light.    At his feet lie the shackles of bondage and the gilded-lily of ego.   Cupid has his arrow fixed on our inner foolish Mr. Red Coat and Mr.  Blue Coats.    They’ll play a round, they’ll play fair, they’ll have a lovely conversation about mustache wax and carriage taxes and then they’ll hug-it-up and buy each other a pint at the pub with the money from the pot.

Ahh… love is in the air Smile


*About this deck:    Before and around the time of  Madame Le Normand, in the 18th and 19th centuries there were “Sibilla” oracle decks:  illustrated cartomantic decks based on traditional European playing cards.  The usual suits and pips appear, but with scenes from daily life. These practical and obvious symbols make for a fun deck that is easy to read and the illustrations in this pack, Sibilla Oracle published by Lo Scarabeo , features a 52 card traditional deck with beautiful  original 19th century water-colour renderings of card images.  A good deck to use with your intuitive imagination about the meaning of cards, this deck has a combination of negative and positive events and therefore is not a “cutesy” or fluffy deck.    — if you’re reading this post on a date other than the week for which it was intended…. these symbols and or topics relate to you in some way!  Have fun. 

2 thoughts on “The Gambler: Card of the Week 19th August, 2013

  1. brillianceinsight says:

    it will because we ALWAYS can stop trying to peek over the cards and try a different technique 🙂 lol

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