Jack Be Nimble: Card of the Week 26th August, 2013


“Jack be nimble, Jack be quick, Jack jump over the candle-stick.”


card 8.26.2013




This image, from one of my very favourite  decks, the Jack of Hearts, very much reminds me of SOUL PUPPY.  For those of you unfamiliar with my  Soul Puppy cartoons, soul-puppy is that part of us who is innocent and excited.  Jack Russell terriers have to be the cutest things around.   But boy, sometimes they get into mischief or wear themselves out bouncing off the walls.  The innocent and enthusiasm is pure uninhibited energy.     Our mind is sometimes a puppy off-leash, wandering here and there… over hill and dale and sometimes lacking direction.         What we truly seek, most of the time, is that sense of being seated in our real power, our authentic real self.    Not feeling pressured by others, not feeling fearful, not feeling the pressure to manipulate ourselves or others to get what we think we need, – just feeling at peace as ourselves.   If this feeling were a place, it would be an eternal summer day, with long rolling grass lawns dotted with Frisbee games and barbeques.  Our innocence and spirit wants to be that happy puppy, to stretch out in the grass there, in the endless illumination that comes from knowing that we’re connected to center and not pulled this way and that!  When we do things, or love from THIS place, we can’t help keep our true place of power, we can’t help but not get lost.

Much of life, though, is not always like that summer day – sometimes it’s like a tunnel into night where we can’t always feel close to our truth or where we just don’t really see the big picture when it comes to where we’re going or what other people feel about us.  We put a lot of emphasis on other people, other things.   How we feel, and how well life goes seems to often depend on the conclusions we’re leaping to.     Ego lights endless flickering candles for us in that tunnel that are designed not to illuminate the whole world… they only shine a little bit of light at a time on the information around us…  and can lead us to grossly inaccurate representations about what is really going on within and without.    (Either something really negative that you’re imagining, or a fantasy that causes you to disconnect from reality)      This card reminds you that to keep yourself from getting burned, to protect your innocence and enthusiasm, send it in the right direction.    And remember, those flickering ego conclusions in the hallway of darkness are NOT showing you the whole picture…. they are designed to keep  you safe, out of the full illumination, to keep yourself in fear.    This is especially true when you have an opportunity to really be yourself and to tap into your REAL creative power.

Ask yourself,     Am I feeling uncomfortable?  Do I really know that what I’m thinking is true? Do I feel afraid? Do I feel fake or forced?  Do I go from being hopeful to being disappointed in a heart-beat?        The discomfort is a clue that  really inaccurate illusions (and their inherent disappointments) might burn you because you have lost your power and are only reacting (or “play acting”) to an inaccurate project of the world around you.   In that half illumination, everything seems to be riding on what you think you know, or on a situation outside of yourself.  It’s exhausting.

Instead – Jack be nimble, Jack be quick…. jump over those candle sticks!!    This week, think about what you’re enthusiastic about.   You wouldn’t want to just let your puppy chew on ANYTHING in the house or race out into the street off leash, so be mindful of what you’re pouring your energy into.    Don’t be enthusiastic and all- in for the stuff you THINK YOU KNOW, be all- in and enthusiastic about the one thing you DEFINITELY know:  YOU.     You actually DO know how to just be yourself, without worrying how everyone else is doing their job.    The “real you”   is your default setting, and the beast that is always stirring – pulling on the leash, wanting to run in the lawn.    If you focus on living, speaking and acting your TRUTH, as best you can, (without worrying about how others will or should react or who you have to win over)  then you’re back in your own power – everything isn’t riding on another person or on those conclusions anymore.

The truth and the light will come out when you let yourself be who YOU are.    Put your enthusiasm and energy into expressing yourself from an honest space.   If you can do this, everything falls into place much more easily; people will truly gravitate to the real you (those that matter!)  and more and more gets illuminated.   Your inner puppy wants to sail over the small candles and get to that huge sunny field, with the rolling grass and Frisbees!  Do your best, be yourself!


About this deck:

This gorgeous deck,   The Key to the Kingdom is by the amazing artist and illustrator Tony Meeuwissen  (published by Running Press Books)    it’s my very favorite playing card deck (of my many!) – it’s  a regular 52 card (and jokers)  deck which is called a “transformation” style deck, which means the pips all become elements of an artistic illustration.    These marvelous illustrations which draw on traditional nursery rhymes and riddles, are perfect for regular play, imagination, and intuitive thinking

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