LIGHTEN up: Card of the Week 9th September, 2013

As you have caught on to by now, I often use cards that aren’t really oracle decks at all for the weekly card.  This time, we have cards from “The Language of Colors”  – a deck that illustrates different colour associations.   I have long been fascinated by the impact of colour on our emotions and how different light frequencies influence us.   (more about this deck at the end of the post)

This week we have two that hopped out:

card 9.9.2013 1

Noticing a theme carrying over from last week’s “play” card?   Once again the message is to lighten up!      I can certainly relate to this one on a personal level. Even as a child I often carried a furrowed brow and thought more about wavelengths of light, refraction and chromatic aberration than why white was a pretty colour that meant blank colouring books, snowmen and hot-chocolate with cinnamon toast on a snow day.         Even though people in my adult life see me as funny and and laid back, there’s that old part of my personality that is part Sheldon on the TV show ‘Big Bang Theory’ ; a humourless straight-man to the joke,  who takes just about everything too literally and seriously.    My interest in “getting things right” as a child would often propel adults into the frequent admonishment, “LIGHTEN UP!”

My inner-Sheldon and my inner WHEEEEEE! side have definitely integrated more in my old age.  Sometimes I think I’m becoming more childlike and spontaneous … Benjamin Buttoning from my serious, concerned, intellectual childhood and growing into someone who is less concerned about “right” than just having fun in the experience and having innocent eyes.

If you’re hearing, “LIGHTEN UP”  — it might be time to do just that.   Something you think is LIFE OR DEATH SERIOUS and something that you need to get absolutely RIGHT, may in fact be holding you back.   Lighten your load.   White is such a lovely soaring colour, isn’t it?    It’s traditionally an “innocent” and pure colour.  It is the blank page of possibilities before you touch your crayon down, it’s a snowy yard unblemished by foot-prints where all possibilities are contained in the brightness.   And it makes sense, -white is the colour your eyes/brain interpret when you are seeing the FULL SPECTRUM reflected to you in equal intensity.      White is a breath of fresh air and a fluffy cotton towel after you’ve been soaking in conflict for too long.       To get to that bright place of possibility and renewal, don’t take anything too seriously.    So much of what we think matters, simply doesn’t!      Lighten up, have some fun, create your own blank page of possibilities this week.

Bonus card:

card 9.9.2013 2

(The “too serious” side of me wishes this card would have been called “LILAC” since that flower appears in the picture and the word “Mauve” brings to mind grandma’s couch covers, but I digress…)

ENJOY CLEAR HEARING.     At first glace this seems to be about auditory clarity.. and it may be! But it also may be telling us that we’re clearly hearing another kind of  voice and song: something within that we need to take heed of and actually DO or something that has been pulling on our hearts for a long time.   Clearly hear what part of you has been trying to communicate, or what a friend has been communicating.  Not with our thoughts dashing all over trying to figure out what to say next, or how to manipulate the situation that we most want, but with an open ear to really LISTEN.

About this deck:   The Secret Language of Colours  by Inna Segal, Published by Blue Angel Gallery –  is a 45 deck card and guide book about using colours for visualisation and more.   To be honest, I haven’t yet read the book and got the deck because I do a lot of work  with colours with clients and in my artwork.    Some of the cards are gorgeous, vibrant photographs and some seem to be a little murky. They are printed on very thin cardstock and tend to stick together (hence the “hopper”).    It might be good deck for beginner “colour therapy” or to inspire children in their artwork.      **NOTE:   Due to the lighting/background where I photographed these cards, and the fact that they’re flimsy and slightly curved,  I cropped them and added frames – the cards themselves are borderless and the images go right to the edges.