A Flood of Celebration: Card of the Week 17th September, 2013

This week’s card is a day late. A flood, according to CNN, of “Biblical proportions” has hit my state of Colorado and while away on a trip, all-hell-broke-loose on my home turf.   The clouds let loose more rain than we get in one year, in less than 24 hours. Creeks spilled their banks, roads collapsed, bridges washed out, homes simply washed away, people were evacuated and airlifted out  and, tragically, lives were lost.  I spent much of my return yesterday contacting friends, clients and friends and hearing about evacuations by the National Guard airlifting friends in Blackhawk helicopters, heroic tales of missing persons being found again, rescue help and neighbours banding together to stem the flood tide away from homes.

This week’s “card” (or tile)  from Mary McNaughton’s Synchro-Signs might therefore seem incongruous.  Happy balloons, candles and ribbons “CELEBRATE!” it says….

Card a9.17.2013

And yet I find this ultimately fitting.  When I came home, my garden had been rinsed of most of its beauty, my bathroom ceiling had a crack in it that, when touched, turned into a gaping hole, mold, moss, mushrooms and split wood abound.   BUT I had a home. I was alive, my family was alive, my house was safe.   This was AWESOME!   The tales I heard from friends echoed this celebratory sentiment.  One friend described with joy how she had listened intently in the middle of the night to the waterfall of water flooding into her basement and growing higher and higher in the lake of her yard  until she felt like she was at sea on a ship;  waves lapping against the walls of the basement and slapping the top of the ceiling of the basement beneath her like waves on a hull… she slept in fear and her furnace and basement were ruined but she was SO happy – the water had not come up stairs, she was alive, they weren’t trapped.     Another woman said she had been evacuated two times but was finally able to go home yesterday – her gratitude and joy and compassion for those less fortunate, those who are in shelters, rose in her voice.

It seems like we wait for the Universe to roll out the caviar, lotto-winnings and “Good things happening”  to celebrate…. until something bad happens. Some tragedy strikes.  Our fathers or mothers fall ill and it dawns on us how much we love them. Our roof blows off and we realise how lucky we are to be alive.     This week, celebrations are in order.    Don’t wait until life kicks over your sand-castles to treasure the beautiful things in your life.  Treasure them now.  See them with the eyes of someone standing on the last bit of road left on Earth, the infinite stretching ahead, their world forever different. See them with the eyes of a flood victim cherishing a child saved by the Red Cross.   Value and celebrate the gifts that you do have because surely you have them!    This is your chance, right now, TODAY  – to give a mighty hug to your mom, dad, brother or sis. This is your chance RIGHT NOW, TODAY to go into your studio or your office or the back room of your house and see the wonderful possibilities waiting for you within those sturdy, safe walls.  What stories can you write, what pottery can you throw, what poems will you compose?

If you feel the flood waters metaphorically rising in your life, or if the Universe hasn’t opened a fresh jar of caviar for you – celebrate anyway!       Crack out your best yellow cake, make some sugar roses, light a few candles, strap on a party hat.   Be glad, be happy.     You’re alive, you’re loved and there’s SO MUCH ahead of you for the taking.   There’s so much you can give to other people and so many ways in which your help is needed and appreciated.

In my besotted garden, the sun has finally come out after the storms and even though most things are damaged, there now stand a cluster of perfect, white EASTER lilies blooming in September (planted in the Spring it is there time to resurface, just as fall is around the corner) a perfect symbol of how life celebrates itself on a continuing basis; I’M ALIVE, I GO ON, POSSIBILITIES don’t cease…

9.17.12 lily

Prayers and thoughts go out to those who cannot go home, who have no home now, or who have lost both property or human life.  In the coming days and weeks I will be donating time and resources to help my community… another thing we shouldn’t wait to do until something happens, this is a good reminder to cherish THOSE gifts too:  community.

About this deck:

This week’s wisdom comes to us from Synchro-Signs by Mary McNaughton and  published by Hampton Roads Publishing .    They’re not gorgeous, painterly works of art but they are simple and evocative.     This is not a card deck at all (the 101  rudimentary universal  symbols and glyphs are printed on tiny 1 inch squares of  cardboard  -I keep them in a box and mix them like rune-stones)  but it’s the only oracle I use when I need to flesh out a writing project or to put myself aside and read on MYSELF or issues at hand.