The Wishing Well: Card of the week, 23rd September, 2013

HAPPY BEGINNING OF FALL (or Spring, depending on where you are in the world!)   This week’s card is from a game  (more about that at the end of the post)…

card 9.23.2013

It depicts a traditional well with a spindle and crank to bring the water up.  Such an iconic-image always reminds me of a WISHING WELL.  In ancient times, for Germanic, Celtic and Nordic peoples, wells were sacred places where wisdom, healing and wishes could be granted (such as the Mimisbrunnr well of Norse mythology, the “Well of Wisdom” at the root of the World Tree Yggdrasil,  where Odin left his eyeball in exchange for a swig)        Leaving a shiny penny in exchange for a wish is popular at wishing-wells in the UK and in the US.   When I was young, wishing-wells, and their lawn ornament counter-parts, standing alongside garden gnomes, were commonplace. Even our local Perkin’s restaurant had a “wishing well”  alas – it didn’t contain money or wishes granting fairy folk;  just small, cheap plastic toys like flat animal stencils, head-bobbing push-snails and frogs that would hop if you pressed on their tail.

Speaking of wishes, how are you doing on those things you wish for?  Intuitively, this week’s card speaks to me about “depth” … sometimes the forces that nourish us are NOT right on the surface, easily visible or tangible.  Sometimes we have to go deep to tap into a reservoir of  strength or resilience as we create what we wish for.     This week’s card is a reminder that deep down, in your core, you have a huge subterranean lake of  strength and integrity.   Beneath the superficial things happening around you, there’s so much more to you!     Deeper than your worries, deeper than both good and bad dreams and hopes, deeper than swirling thoughts or emotions, there is quiet, silence, steadiness, stability.   Some people go into meditation in order to go within, others paint or jog, but however you do it, take some time to tap into your stillness and strength.   Take some time out from the hustle and bustle to listen to your core.

Connect to your “depth” this week.      While you’re plumbing the depths and drawing from your deepest fund of soul, don’t forget to look beyond the superficial when it comes to situations  external to you as well.  Don’t just rely on what you think or what you see in a glance and on the surface because you might be missing something.    With other people, consider who they really are deep down and not just how they seem on the surface.   Get to know someone from a place of compassion and true interest, and find a way to connect to THEIR “depth” too.    You might even find that sending a bucket down and going deep in other areas (such as doing a thorough job at work  or making a more-than-cursory attempt to learn) could be in order.

While you’re at your sacred well, don’t forget to make a wish! Your wishes are about to become true so think about them with care.  What a great time for finding (in that depth)  all those things you TRULY wish for and are prepared to look forward to with confidence.    You don’t even need to pluck out your eyeball or make a sacrifice of all your shiny pennies!

Have a great week, guys  (I’m sending out my wish that all YOURS are well on their way 🙂 )

About this deck:      this card comes from the child’s game (for ages 5 to adult) TELL TALE (FAIRY TALES) published by Blue Orange games.   This clever, 60 card  double-sided deck, with 120 images (depicting objects, happenings, people and places)   is great for co-operative or team story-telling as you make up stories to go along with the images selected on each card.  Not only does it make for a killer boring-bedtime-story-change-up, and several different games, it makes an imaginative divination or creative intuition deck for the kid at heart.