Happy thanksGIVING!


(a small notebook drawing of mousie Thanksgiving … idea by my dad lol)


I hope you have a wonderful Thanksgiving/Hanukkah/ holiday kick-off with loved ones all around!

There is always something to be grateful for, even if it is small.   I’m blessed in so many ways.  I’m grateful for my friends, family, fellows, clients, and opportunities to create and inspire.   I’m thankful for my online friends and sources of inspiration and admiration.    Gratitude is not a one time a year thing, it’s an everyday appreciation of what we have.

If we DO then we shouldn’t just let it be a holiday “warm fuzzy”  — but a call in our heart not for pity or doing things to make ourselves feel good  but to help others as best we can, always!

And it’s not just the less fortunate but also those around us, neighbours or friends, who might be suffering loss, illness, sadness  or hard times over the holidays.  What a great time to give THEM thanks and appreciate them for what they do!   Giving a little time, love, gratitude or attention is the best gift that everyone can give no matter what.    And you don’t need to wait until it goes on sale or trample the crowds to a midnight door-opening on Black Friday, either!

THANK YOU for all you do, and for you being you!  Wishing you and yours the best holiday 🙂

***Here’s some tips if you decide to make this a season of giving:

*check with local homeless shelters, food pantries or charities that help elderly, disabled or families in need and see what their donation “wish lists” are.  Sometimes you might be surprised by what you find!   (like fresh salad greens or specific types of toiletries or clothing)    For instance, – an item always in demand in colder climates at homeless shelters are disposable hand-warmers.

*If you donate food,  don’t give away things that are extremely-expired, dented, bulging or rotten. People in need are human beings, not raccoons.  If you buy new things at the store,  pick items that are palatable and nutritious.  There’s so much more to do with our gratitude than to break out that can of beanie weenie that has been in the pantry since 1977 or donate some tins of pumpkin pie filling once a year.  (though giving even in small ways is AWESOME and so appreciated!)

*Good food donation items are:     canned veggies, fruits, juices (no added sugar),  spaghetti sauces (be careful as some charities don’t accept glass items), proteins like canned tuna, canned chicken, canned beans, legumes, peanut butter, soups, whole grain cereals and crackers, dry pasta, dry potato flakes, low sugar cereals, nuts, dried fruits, seeds, oatmeal and rice

*You may be able to find a “giving tree”  or “Angel” tree (as they’re sometimes called) in your community.   A charity organizes a gift drive and participants get a  new toy, needed item or clothing item for the adults or children in need which then get distributed at Christmas time.

*Don’t forget furry friends.  Winter can be harsh for animal shelters and rescue agencies.  Check and see if your local animal carers have a “wish-list” too!

*servicemen and women appreciate greetings and well-wishes

*Senior centers can be a marvelous place to give the gift of TIME.  If you play an instrument or can instruct a craft class, donating your time is a lot of fun and very rewarding.

*During holiday sales two for one deals or other magnificent deals might pop allowing you to donate some of those brand new items to folks who could use them.

*If you don’t have extra money or food,  spending a few moments of your time to sit, listen, be there, or pitch in,  can be immeasurably helpful for those in need.




Rumi Card of the week 25 Nov 2013

card 11.25.2013  1

Rumi was a 13 Century Persian, Sufi poet who wrote beautiful (and often stunningly truthful) prose about life, humanity and spirit.       In this week’s card, Rumi writes about God and letting hope and faith blind his worried mind to the egoic shadows of pain.    It doesn’t matter if you believe in God or not, this week’s message is about being so filled up with trust and possibility that your fears, anger, rage, disappointment, and guilt are obscured by the brightness of that light.

Sometimes we’re so busy trying to figure everything out and make all the right moves, that we’re just EXHAUSTED with searching.   The more we search around, the shadier, darker and more obscured everything becomes.  Shadows elongate, things look ever doubtful.     This week we’re invited to take a break from all the negativity we’re sick of and see more of what’s been around us all the time… grace, possibilities, help, love, resources – empowerment.    In putting our minds to trust and hope it’s EASIER to see those “signs” that are illuminated along the path … the evidence that we are supported.    (the “promise” is about love and the highest levels of success)

card 11.25.2013 2

and speaking of shadows,   if you’re seeing them, I can 100% guarantee that part of you right now is screaming, “I MUST FIX THIS RIGHT NOW!”     and you’re scrambling for some foothold and something that will make things go a certain way.        The problem is, sometimes impatience and the will to “act” isn’t something that is leading us to progress but instead more darkness, more frustration and more confusion about the right way to proceed.   (Especially if things aren’t going our way!)

This weeks bonus “jumper” card  is  traditionally about the Divine offering us the highest level of success through setting our obstinate will aside, but on a practical level it’s about patience.          But it is not one of those patience times that says, “Sit around and wait and maybe you’ll be rewarded.”

This card says that with your patience with the day to day process of things, solutions will show themselves and success will come to you. Don’t give up. Don’t expect ONE big flash of happening to solve everything for you.   Be patient with yourself and with others around you and find this revealing through your conscious actions NOT in one big “event” but in choices you’re making all day long and the little steps that you’re taking consistently to build a new future.

The “hidden” way, or the solution that is inspired or which doesn’t dawn on us sometimes arrives precisely when we’re practising some emotional balance and some patience with the process.  If you can stop RACING and RUSHING you might just get out of your own way and let some of that “Divine”  give you answers that spark the flame of your soul  or shine a spot-light on EXACTLY the pathway that has been hidden (whatever that means to you, be it your loving, empowered side, or God, etc.)

This week – let your darkest spots be lit up and illuminated, let a hidden pathway emerge. It’s time!

And because we’re talking about Rumi, I have to include one of my VERY favourite quotes of all time:

“Your task is not to seek for love, but merely to seek and find all the barriers within yourself that you have built against it.”

About this deck:   

Rumi the Card and Book Pack: Meditation, Inspiration, & Self-Discovery     by Eryk Hanut and Michele Wetherbee is a 54 card deck and companion book published by Tuttle Publishing .     This deck doesn’t feature illustrations per se, yet the messages are clear and amazing (it comes with a book that I have not read, but it’s equally readable as meditation/insight, self-awareness simply using the cards)

DESIDERATA dancing: card of the week 11.18.13

card 11.18.2013


I LOVE this week’s card from the Answer is Simple deck….      “KEEP DANCING” it says.  Keep joining life this week.   No matter WHAT is going on in your head, your impetus is to let life breath and dance through you.   Life wants you to join in and to dance across many moonlit beaches (metaphorical and actual!)

We so often want to withdraw, to know how everything will turn out, to protect and defend ourselves… we arm ourselves with foresight, seemingly to anticipate the next moves of others and become ever more cynical.  But the energy within you is like that great sea,  pulled by the moon, tides always flowing always seeking out LIVE, LIVE, LIVE.   And to dance, you must let go of control and go with the music, you must let yourself and your striving be free and go for joy.   Joy is not being “happy” – it’s also peacefulness, the striving for warmth and seeing the happiness and cheer in life.

This card reminds us to keep moving, keep dancing, keep joining and keep your head in the game.  Now it’s go time.

A great poem, DESIDERATA   ( Latin for “desired things” ) by Max Ehrmann written in 1927 speaks just of this choice to dance with life.       It holds no less true today:





*about the deck:   Sonia Choquette’s  “THE ANSWER IS SIMPLE ORACLE” cards (illustrated by ??? unknown) published by Hay House 62 cards.  Very “cute” cards and messages, but some of the illustrations are clever and the artwork is charming.