Life of Pi: Card of the weekend and next week, 1, Nov. 2013

This week’s card deck is the final in the series of “decks I wouldn’t get myself”  except in this case I DID get it for myself a few years ago.  It was too weird and irresistible to pass up.  Even as a child I was enamoured of  bones and skulls (Thanks to Peter Pan).  Not in a morbid, “dark” way – but the way that a kid that lives for science fairs and wants to see “inside” things does.    The artistry of bones are an example of perfect form and symmetry, the symbol of something that exists in all of us.      So of COURSE I had to close one eye and buy skull-themed  “THE CRYSTAL SKULL Messages oracle” !             (more about that at the end of the post)

Those who believe in “crystal skulls”  find them wonderful transmitters of spiritual truths and messages  from  ancient aliens.  Me?  Since I’m not really a  “Galactic Council”  type, I  personally believe  that they are simply modern human creations carved in the late 19th century and have found new emergence with modern examples in art and jewelry.      That doesn’t daunt me from choosing to think the deck has some cool,  trippy artwork and unusual messages, though.  The “better story” as it were.

card 11.1.2013

The card was meant to arrive for our usual Monday installment but I got sicker than what usually gets me down (those bones and bodies that are a marvel of perfection are also not impervious)   so it comes instead a few days early for this next week.  But, as with everything in life, the timing that things do happen is always perfect.   This card is a perfect card to celebrate the spirit of the weekend — with “Day of The Dead/All Souls Day”  for which festive skulls commemorate those loved ones on the other side and those forces of strength within us all.

PI”  the symbol on the front of the card is a Greek letter that represents a mathematical constant that is the ratio of a circle’s circumference to its diameter.  The thing about “PI” though, is that it can’t be represented as a real fraction and  even though we say it’s 3.14159, it’s an infinite number in decimal form and those numbers after the dot go on…. forever.   ( Seriously forever!  This is a million digits of it… but it doesn’t stop there)

This card reminds us of the truly INFINITE energy and strength each of us contains even though we might think we’re looking at something so simple as a circle.    Circles are everywhere. We even get bored looking at them, we see them as so simple and obvious.

The principle of mystery and Infinite energy within the number “Pi” is best expressed to me in a fictional character (named Pi Patel )  of Yann Martel’s brilliant novel, “Life of Pi”  — a character who examines the topic of faith and whether it is better to live a life of “dry, yeastless, factuality” or to live with a better story, to have a concept in something more infinite than ourselves to find strength and love.

Basically we can choose to see things as a something simple like circle, just as we THINK something is,  or see the infinite, flowing (Better) story unfolding and find a positive path.   Maybe your “circle” is a situation that seems very black and white to you right now or frustrating or daunting.  Will you see it simply?  Or will you see it with your awareness of the Infinite?  What story will you choose?

In the book, the character’s real name is “Piscine Molitor Patel”  – a real mouthful.  So named for a French swimming pool, he becomes the butt of cruel kid jokes (“Pissing Patel”) until the day he decides to see that circle a different way and rename himself “PI” for short.     Thereafter, he fights unbeatable odds with his imagined connections to his infinite ancestors, spiritual support systems and  the belief  that,

“To choose doubt as a philosophy of life is akin to choosing immobility as a means of transportation.”

So this weekend and next week…. what will your infinite “bones” say to you?  What messages do your foundations convey? Are you going to see those circles (the stuff you think is frustrating or scary) as just circles – or will you make a more interesting, better story?

What would our ancestors and loved ones, no longer here have to say about this?

To Learn more about “Dia de los Muertos” celebrations and see some of my pictures of the celebration,  check out my article in the publication  Psychic Guidepost.  You can read it online for free or purchase a printed copy here.

There’s other great articles in the magazine, – like it on Facebook here.

About this deck:    “Crystal Skull Message Cards” by White Elk Woman are a pack of 39 cards (both portrait and landscape orientation)  featuring some really nifty yet bizarre,  CG artwork.


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