Happy New Year Card of the Week 30.12.2013


This week’s cards come from the inimitable “Gummy Tarot”    and we get two cards this week:  the first of which gives us a mighty message about the New Year:


12.30.2013 1


What a great symbol as we head into the new year.  In the traditional sense, this card (here depicting gummy cubs/children in a safe, warm, sheltered village square, sharing cups of star-flowers)  represents child-like innocence when life was play and sharing.  The pure and simple star flowers represent love and being “present” that we are innately able to share much more easily when we’re in a place of innocence.  Nearly every version of this card represents children at play.  It connects to the past and also towards our ability to use nostalgia (or those qualities of play and innocence)  to benefit our PRESENT instead of living in the past or living out the negative side of nostalgia.      In the Gummiverse, though, this card has addition meaning:

in the LWB for this deck it states,

“Acknowledging others is smart, acknowledging one’s self is wise”

and the card is related here to love, devotion, harmony, clarity and the ability to learn from mentors.  — And it asks, via a task for this card, to think about what we’re giving,

  “declare yourself openly”   –

after all isn’t that cup o’ child-like simplicity, joy and love being SHARED in the image?    And while it’s not visible in the gummy version of this card, in the traditional deck an adult figure is heading up those grey steps and out of the picture…     that over-thinking, goal-oriented, stick-in-the-mud adult mind can get out of the way long enough so that you can be who you are, declare yourself, and find innocence, play, creativity and refreshment in seeing (and being)  who you really are!

Another card comes up with sage gummy advice for this week specifically :

card 12.30.2013 2



Some people are spooked by the tarot’s iconography but nothing can be too scary with such a cute little candy bear!   Besides, the   Eight of Swords has an important message!  If, like this bear, you’re feeling trapped, blinded and uncertain of the way forward, keep in mind the central message of this card: being free of entrapment.      The figure is blind folded and trapped in a prison of swords… but in reality the swords are not arranged in a very prison-like structure, there’s a HUGE gap and way out right in front!  The ties are not very tight and path ahead shows that there ARE options for a clear way out if only the bear would take off that blindfold!   The longer we sit there being daunted by what we think or slipping into victim mode (waiting to be rescued, for example)  or avoiding life  by preferring the “prison” to the creativity of release, the more we’re going to feel damned by the ties that bind and the swords that stand near the path.  This is time to let go of playing the victim, of listening to directions but not actually taking them,  or or even of  feeling alive ONLY if we’re suffering. (preferring the excitement of the prison and the ties that bind over the truth, being able to whip off that blind fold and get busy!)    This little gummy says it’s time— that you have inner freedom and  patience and that you’re going to find a way out of this and that you have the ability to find the right timing, at just the right moment to drop the loose ties and take the blind-fold off.  It’s time to rip off your own hobbles.


HAPPY New Year, everybody.   Party safely, have fun and  may all your bandages and ties come off with ease and may your five-pointed innocence and play flowers bloom more readily than ever!   Tip?  Don’t focus so much on the New Year’s Resolutions (which you may have entirely forgotten by the time February rolls around)  or on what you can do to “go for goals” but instead focus a little bit of energy on who you are NOW.  If you don’t enjoy that, then no “plan for success” is going to mean much.   I know, you want to “Get there”  — but there is now!     Be who you are, do your thing, and you will be able to live and breathe those elements of successful planning all the more readily instead of giving up because you’re overwhelmed by stress and tension.


About this deck:   The card for this week hails from the irresistible, cheerful  pocket-sized (yet readable and serious)   “The Gummy Tarot” deck by Dietmar Bittrich   from US GAMES.     Have you ever had gummy bears?   In case you live under a rock and you’ve missed out on these little Gummibärchen (Gummy Bear)  candies;  they’re roughly bear-shaped little bits of “gummi”  (a gelatinous confection)  which are gorgeous,  like fragments of stained glass yet rubbery and of indeterminate fruit identities.     They’re peculiar, but addictive (especially in a movie-theater) .         Alas, I don’t eat animal gelatin, but luckily for me I can enjoy gummy bears in this cute tarot deck.   This deck is truly awesome and comes in its own colourful tin.    It follows the basic  Rider Waite illustration template but with simple drawings of Gummy bears.   Cards that have serious or frightening traditional iconography like “The Tower” are more digestible and less threatening in adorable gummy-form but the messages are just as powerful. This deck is much beloved with young and old for good reason.

Christmas Rune week of 23rd Dec 2013


holiday tree 2013

I hope your halls are decked, the aluminum pole (or tree) is up and that  loved ones, family and friends are near your heart or hearth today.      Happy Holidays, Merry Christmas, Happy Kwanzaa, Blessed Solstice, and Happy Festivus, everyone!


card 12.23.2013

This week’s symbol is not a card but a very special rune from my nearly 30 year old set of hematite rune-stones.  They were the first “oracle” I ever got and I keep them in a brocaded box in a place of honour on my shelf. For many years these smooth, cool stones gave me excellent advice and were the stones I cut my teeth on as a reader.    I always lay them out on this special handkerchief, grandma’s Christmas hanky which is almost 80 years old.   Every holiday season I pull a special stone.  Let this one inspire you as we pass through the joys of the season and into the New Year before us.

Laguz is a rune of “flow” and water energy.   It represents the unconscious, dreams, fantasy and imagination.   It asks that after the last crumbs of fruit-cake are eaten and all the packages put away, that we quiet our conscious mind and the tumble of thoughts going on upstairs and pay attention to those dreams, imaginative yearnings and thoughts quietly flowing behind active attention.   Instead of putting all your attention towards the things (or people) OUTSIDE yourself, allow your inner mind to speak to you. Even if you don’t know how to listen to your intuition or even to your dreams, or if you find yourself oddly blank – at least giving them permission to start whispering in your ear is a place to start.  Believing that YOUR imagination and dreams are important, matters!    We’re not talking “dreams about others”  or fantasies here either. We’re talking about your own rhythms and your own being, your ability to love life.

There is power and wisdom in this part of ourselves, and it’s this part of us that can get things flowing again. It is this intuitive side of us that can connect us to our OWN dreams, to our emotional side, to knowing ourselves. And ultimately, what a wonderful way to go into the new year.    Ralph Blum wrote in his book, ‘The Book of Runes’  (one of my all time favourite lines and probably one of the few I remember from the book):

“ Rune of the self-relating rightly to the Self,
Laguz signifies what alchemists called  conjuctio or sacred
marriage. In fairy tales, it is the end where the hero and heroine live
happily ever after.”


HAPPY holidays– and I’m wishing you peace, love, joy and all good things to you and yours.


About this deck oracle:      Runes are an ancient indo-European alphabet (known as a runic alphabet) from about AD 150 that were used in Norse and old Germanic languages before the adoption of a Latin alphabet.  Today, the “Elder Futhark” alphabet  is often used as charm symbols for clarity and  insight into oneself.  This set is carved in hematite (mineral iron oxide) and inlaid with gold enamel.  You can make your own set out of wood, stones, paper, clay or other objects.

Rewards: Card of the week 16 Decemeber 2013



card 12.16.2013



This weeks’s card comes from a festive deck, Tree Magick Oracle” by Gillian Kemp  and even the card itself is festive!  Damson trees are a kind of plum tree and  the image in the artwork make me think of holiday sugar-plums and  “Dance of the Sugar Plum Fairies”.   It says:


“The promise of future success brings fruitful pleasure and happiness,”

This is a message that the time is here (or coming soon)  for a sense of ripeness, reward and success.  You deserve the reward that is coming to you practically, emotionally, spiritually or all the above!  You’ve earned it.

Damson trees grow in abundant orchards and hedges in the Kent region in the UK.  A place where one of the most rewarded, successful, literary giants of all time, Charles Dickens  lived in the dockyard village of Chatham ….. where he and his family suffered financial setbacks and undertook a lot of hard work.        Yes, reward is not always without rolling up your sleeves and doing some heavy lifting, and it’s not always with the “promise of future success” … in fact sometimes you rush in blind, not having any such assurance at all that you will be rewarded … but keep at it anyway.      Don’t give up on being your best to people and the best to yourself.  That’s a reward that doesn’t depend on Amazon fulfillment center, other people’s choices. It is free but priceless and it can be felt right NOW instead of later.

Our reward is not only in the time we reap those sugar plums, but also as we’re holding the promise of their coming in our heart and share that positivity with friends and family.

HAVE AN AWESOME and sweet week!


About this deck:  Tree Magick: Fifty-Two Magical Messages for Inspiration, Protection and Prediction  by Gillian Kemp is an adorable deck with a  tree theme and clever artwork.  When I first bought it, I initially didn’t like them … but I must have had rocks in my head that day, because these are really delightful and the possibilities for nuanced meanings and intuitive reading is tremendous. This deck can be used for meditation, inspiration and more.