STYLE Card of the week 12.2.13




card 12.2.2013


If you’re finding yourself unsure of who you are, whether in style, career, love-life  or expression, you’re not alone.  Uncertainty about identity is not just the purview of teenagers and twenty-somethings, it can strike at any stage of life.

This week’s card from the Isle of View Insight Cards, reminds you that you indeed DO know who you are, that you only need to trust yourself enough to listen to what that is.  Uncertainty often arises when you’re spending far too much time trying to figure out what other people want you to be.  If you’re drawing a blank on some part of your identity, really be honest with yourself and  take a close look at whether or not you’ve spent your energy on “being” for someone else.   Nine times out of ten, someone who says “I’m not focused on other people, but I just can’t figure out who I am”  is also someone who has been attached to someone or something to the extent that everything else about life (and themselves) is eclipsed.

Who we are is carried in every cell, in every vibration of our energy.  We are always changing and growing, adding new dimensions of ourselves  and creating new identities and adventures, but that core “self” comes into this world almost from day one.       The traits (kindness, magnanimity, stubbornness, comedy ) and skills  (author,  musician, horse-trainer, psychologist, doctor) that create our basic identity are in evidence not just when we’re 20 or 30, but also when we’re very young children or even babies.  Are you a dancer who was obsessed with your toddler-era tutu? A doctor who had little plastic stethoscopes and tongue depressors? A writer who made little ‘books’ as a kid?    A financial guru whose earliest games involved financial empires?     Exactly.           Take a moment this week to touch basis on just being yourself instead of trying to figure out who you are or figuring out what would please others. Your real “YOU” is the best style of all.     You don’t need to know everything or win the world over, you just need to be yourself.

The LWB for this deck features Jackie-Chiles-esque rhymes for card meanings … and I loved an excerpt from entry  for this card:

“We’re all in the parade of life, that miracle we are all witness to.  At each moment everyone is acting out his or her part in life’s dance. Be the style that will let you smile, mile after mile, through trial after trial. Trust is a must. Trust opens the door to let your mind soar. Just think you’re okay, then you’ll think you’re okay.  Life is a Mirror of Mind.”



About this deck:  Isle of View Insight Deck is a non-traditional deck self-published by author Russel McDougal.  It features 50 cards, each with clever artwork (collage) and an acronym speaking to insights on how to move forward and gain happiness.   Each card is  like a pop-art, simple-meaning  nudge to that place of knowing and inspiration.

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