Balancing Act: Card of the Week 9 Dec 2013


card 12.9.2013


This week’s card from The Enchanted Map Oracle by Collette Baron Reid  is titled “Balancing Act”  –in it, the figure may be Captain of her own ship and master of her destiny, but the vessel is precariously balancing on threads (and on a bubble!) – unless equilibrium is kept,  emotions   depicted by those paper hearts)  may spill over.

Sounds a lot like the present busy, chaotic, holiday energy!    We often have so much going on at work, at home and in  all the other fires, projects and “in process”  things that are cooking, that imbalance easily knocks us off center.

This week’s card invites us to look at anything in our lives that needs balance and equilibrium.   Without balance, we’re not going to be able to fully take on what we must tackle or cope with fast shifting energy.

Is there a way you can encourage your ship to sail smoothly?  Are you taking on too much of a load that isn’t yours?   Are you pouring your energy into one element of your life when really many others need your attention too?    One special caution this week is really all about OVER FOCUSING or over-spending energy in one  place.    Going all out and full bore on ONE thing right now is not such a great idea.    The fastest route to imbalance is to pour too much time, attention, resources and emotion into ONE element to the exclusion of others.  This could be financial imbalance,  relationship over-focus,  overindulgence,  spending too much time fretting about the holiday  or even needing to cut yourself some slack at work and allow for a play-break (or a WORK break if you’ve found yourself slacking).  Take a look at the thing that has absorbed the MOST mental and emotional energy in the last couple of days. Assess whether or not you can take some of that energy and now apply it towards other things.    Doing this will let you think creatively about the situation  later on when you re=approach it anew.  For now, a more balanced approach is best.


Hint:  letting go of imbalance sometimes just means LETTING GO.  Often that desire to pour so much energy into one or two things results from a mistaken belief that if we don’t do it, if we don’t control it and “make it happen” that it won’t happen at all.    But is that really true?  Of course not.  If you try to act on that belief, your ship will be on the thinnest bubble, balanced on the most precarious thread.     Instead, keep some trust in your heart that for things to go as they should, you can have balance in your life, the ability to tend to ALL the things you need to tend to and to take loving care of yourself too.



About this deck: The Enchanted Map Oracle deck by Colette Baron-Reid has  54 cards and is published by Hay House.     Because I view intuition as a “map” to help guide us and plot our course (instead of tell us what to do, make decisions for us or dis-empower our focus on the present)  I thought this might be interesting.   While it’s not my usual cup of tea, it does have some interesting digital art and some inspiring concepts and I’m sure it will live to be just as popular as her other decks. 

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