Rewards: Card of the week 16 Decemeber 2013



card 12.16.2013



This weeks’s card comes from a festive deck, Tree Magick Oracle” by Gillian Kemp  and even the card itself is festive!  Damson trees are a kind of plum tree and  the image in the artwork make me think of holiday sugar-plums and  “Dance of the Sugar Plum Fairies”.   It says:


“The promise of future success brings fruitful pleasure and happiness,”

This is a message that the time is here (or coming soon)  for a sense of ripeness, reward and success.  You deserve the reward that is coming to you practically, emotionally, spiritually or all the above!  You’ve earned it.

Damson trees grow in abundant orchards and hedges in the Kent region in the UK.  A place where one of the most rewarded, successful, literary giants of all time, Charles Dickens  lived in the dockyard village of Chatham ….. where he and his family suffered financial setbacks and undertook a lot of hard work.        Yes, reward is not always without rolling up your sleeves and doing some heavy lifting, and it’s not always with the “promise of future success” … in fact sometimes you rush in blind, not having any such assurance at all that you will be rewarded … but keep at it anyway.      Don’t give up on being your best to people and the best to yourself.  That’s a reward that doesn’t depend on Amazon fulfillment center, other people’s choices. It is free but priceless and it can be felt right NOW instead of later.

Our reward is not only in the time we reap those sugar plums, but also as we’re holding the promise of their coming in our heart and share that positivity with friends and family.

HAVE AN AWESOME and sweet week!


About this deck:  Tree Magick: Fifty-Two Magical Messages for Inspiration, Protection and Prediction  by Gillian Kemp is an adorable deck with a  tree theme and clever artwork.  When I first bought it, I initially didn’t like them … but I must have had rocks in my head that day, because these are really delightful and the possibilities for nuanced meanings and intuitive reading is tremendous. This deck can be used for meditation, inspiration and more.  

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