NEW Rhythm: “card” of the Week 6 Jan 2014

card 1.6.2014

I thought we’d try a few cards this month that aren’t even cards at all.   The first group I selected is from Ted Andrew’s “Animal Runes”  and this week’s offering couldn’t be better for the new year.  I love it!

The Woodpecker signals new patterns, new rhythms and new ways of going about things that can form success and progress.   New rhythms may be breaking out around you spontaneously,   or you may be creating new rhythms and take a new approach starting this week!    This is a time when NEW RHYTHMS are flooding in to help us get to new and exciting places.

A few days ago, on New Year’s  (in the midst of a tissues/cough-lozenge frenzy… I was in no mood to write) I kept thinking of one of my favourite quotes about New Year that I saw a long time ago and which resurfaces from time to time on social media:

“If you want your year to change and be different, you must change and be different.” kute blackson

Ain’t that the truth?  It’s amazing how much we live in a mental world of change where we can IMAGINE something changing when it comes to relationships, creativity, romance or health and wellness  (“Someday I’m going to write that great novel!”  “I want to lose 10 pounds!”  “Someday maybe Barbara and I will be friends again.” )     but we have a really hard time translating all that day-dreaming into real life movement because we have an even harder time embracing the changes to our set pattern.   (“Pick up a pencil? Jot a few ideas down?  Write down character outlines? I don’t have time.”    “Start eating more veggies? Take some long walks and find exercises? Ugh. I’m too tired.  I just eat what I eat on the way to drop the kids off.. I don’t have time to eat anything different.”     “Call Barbara? I dunno. I don’t really feel like it.”)

This is a good time to let those excuses and “same old same olds”  that keep you in the same loop of doing the same things go free.

Keep this trick in mind this week:  If changes in rhythm come up, or if you feel an inspiration to make some new patterns, EMBRACE them because they’re delivering you success, refreshment, and the positive changes that you dream about.  Do something new or different, change things up.    Tap. Tap. Tap.    The same old metronome beat gets tuned out and we just stop hearing it after awhile… slogging through the same old routines, BUT  if you change that rhythm – even one beat, you’ll soon be paying attention in totally new and wondrous ways.

Maybe instead of watching 3 hours of TV on Tuesday, you record your shows and  write a few lines of your novel instead, or maybe your usual food-spot is closed one afternoon and you find a better (healthier) one,  or maybe you simply get up the nerve to call Barbara one afternoon out of the blue.      New patterns are veritably popping out everywhere right now and begging to be played like wonderful new tunes.    This week it will be easy to invite those new patterns in!   And if you’ve already started a few, hooray – you’re on the right track.

It bears repeating:   Sometimes with New Years resolutions we pressure ourselves to change (lots of things! and right this minute!)  to the extent that we just end up being so overwhelmed or take on so much that we just give up.     But maybe this “new pattern” pattern can be more gentle.  Maybe it doesn’t have to be all at once or with numbing, guilt inducing pressure.   Maybe it’s not something you do just this week… maybe it’s new patterns you look for (or invite, or CREATE) all year – here and there …

on little rhythm at a time!


About this deck: — this week’s “Card” is not a card but a rune (though it isn’t that either)  from Ted Andrew’s  “ANIMAL-SPEAK RUNES”    a book and 40 piece set of rune-like charms depicting animals and keywords published by Dragonhawk  Publishing.     This little set is great for creative-thinking/inspiration or divination and its so simple and clear to use.   Some of you have requested that I do inspirations on Twitter using this set again  —    I’ve been busy,  and haven’t really been on Twitter as much but I’m definitely thinking of using this (or something similar) again in the near future for daily inspirations!  stay tuned.