The Wanderer; card of the week 10 February 2014

card 2.10.2014



Valentine’s day is coming up and it represents a time when two great things ( like PB and chocolate; remember the old commercial for Reese’s Peanut Butter Cups?)  can come together into a weird symmetry of wonderfulness.   Not unlike the strange deck, “I-Ching der Liebe”  (that mixes love advice and the I-Ching together)   that our card this week hails from.        The card represents #56, “Der Wanderer”  (The Wanderer/The wayfarer)

Your heart is called into a journey this week.  Traveling into new and perhaps unfamiliar territory.  If you’re in a relationship, (and this includes relationships with anyone you’d be mandated to send a valentine to in a class of 31, not just your nearest and dearest)  this could mean that you are called to be a worthy wanderer.      A game traveler embraces the rituals habits and tendencies of the native tribe, he is flexible,  unassuming and doesn’t obstinately cling to his own outlook, ways and routines.    (That’s mainly charming if you’ve mastered the zen art of whinge like my very favourite tv travelogue host  Karl Pilkington of “An Idiot Abroad” and “The Moaning of Life”)

Your  sweetie may have ideas about Valentine’s Day that, in their world, is special and unique but might be something you don’t expect.   It might mean that you’re called into a totally new adventure that you can’t possibly anticipate and you’re asked to leave your controlling nature in the dust.   It can mean that this week, you’re simply asked to give of yourself, be present and enjoy the people around you while respecting new outlooks and routines.     This can be the marvel of love and the marvel of life.

If you’re flying solo, all the above still apply.  You’re on a great bridge, looking over a new destination and you’re well prepared for the journey of the heart that lies ahead of you.  Keep your head on straight, and be humble traveler and you’ll be prepared.   In the image we see a heart shaped moon rising and giving us the compass of a full heart instead of fear.  Besides other people in your life, there’s someone worthy of your focus right now because no other person can fill you up and make you complete.  You deserve to enjoy a valentine from your NEAREST AND DEAREST; your own self!

An additional meaning of this card is to examine any areas where you might be a little TOO foot-loose and fancy-free when it comes to love.  If you only find yourself content to stay for a short amount of time before wanderlust hits and you get a little rabbit in your blood, then this week’s card may also be reminding you that if you expect the great journey of Love to really take root in your life, you’re going to have to give it a little bit of time.

It’s hard to explore  Belgium in one afternoon, or give Paris a go in a day… settle in, get to know what the natives are like.  Dine on a few delicacies and take in the rarity of great combinations… even those you might not have thought of before!


About this deck:   “I-Ching der Liebe/I-Ching Dell Amore”  by AnnaMaria Meazza  is a deck of I-Ching inspired cards published by Llewellyn/Lo Scarabeo US — it features artwork that unites themes of love with the traditional wisdom of the I-Ching.

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