My Valentine



Happy Valentine’s Day, everyone!   To you, I send my love and my hope for your well-being, a box of dark chocolate, and an ever-flowing fountain of self-worth and self love!

Alas, it’s not just a day for chocolate covered bacon and shoe-boxes stuffed with tiny paper Valentines.   Today is a day that makes may of us despair. Therapists, coaches, psychics and astrologers brace for the onslaught of people bereft of love and who are heart-broken.  This is a day that makes the world sit up and take notice of “love” and its presence or absence.

But I promise you, cross my heart, that  Valentine’s Day is JUST a day.  It’s no different than ANY other.  The only thing that makes it different is our stories about it.  There’s nothing different about you today than there was 2 Tuesdays ago when you were NOT crying about your friend’s upcoming engagement or your aunt’s 4th marriage.     You are able to open to love and it can flood into your life if you remember these important things today:

* Love is what you ARE not something you RECEIVE like a chocolate box, a diamond or a nice card. These are only gestures of many emotions – some love, some not.   Love is something that you ARE and something that you GIVE to those around you through your loving choices and your intention to know and accept others.  No-one can GIVE you love and have it fulfill you.  No, not even in a Hermès bag or a pink Cadillac.   Others can share this love with you, and do gestures that remind you of it,  but you can’t feel it if you don’t have a firm grasp on your own self love.   Without this, you could receive a 100 chocolates and 24 roses and still feel unworthy, insecure, or boil with “it isn’t good enough!”

* February 14th is just an IDEA — not a “forever”.      We tend to look at “markers” with huge expectations, thinking that this day represents all of eternity.  Whatever expectations you have about today, secretly they’re about much MORE than today.   But guess what?   You will always be changing, growing and moving forward.  Life doesn’t begin and end on Valentine’s day.   With the power of your heart and your mind, you can create the path ahead of you and share the seeds of love and light.     Be here right now, not in what was, not in what could be.  Right here is exactly where you should be.

* If this is a day about love, then let it be about LOVE.  Pain is not love, it’s fear.  And with love we can overcome any fear.  We have so many relationships that touch our lives. Moms, sisters, brothers, lovers, bosses and friends.  Today, touch them from the LOVE side of your heart.  Keep your heart open and willing to open up to others and to be generous to them. Communicate your heart, let yourself be real, let your vulnerability open the roughened and toughed mollusk shell of a closed heart.   Set petty disappointments and expectations aside and see others as innocent and deserving of love. See YOURSELF that way too.

If I had one Valentine’s Day wish, it would be for you to see the love and beauty  that you truly ARE and can GIVE

Have a happy V-day, everybody!   Check these 21 Awkward Valentine’s Day Cards For Your Confusing Modern Relationship’s from huffingtonpost  for a chuckle!

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