“Good News, Everyone!” Card of the week 24th Feb, 2014

card 2.24.2014 1



Fort those who don’t speak German, the jist of this week’s Kipper card,  ‘Angenehmer Brief’ is best expressed by Futurama’s  Professor Farnsworth (try looking at the above cartoon and not imagining his voice),

card 2.24.2014 2

Angenehmer Brief (a nice letter)  is about good news.   Like just about everything announced by Professor Farnsworth though, how good this news is depends on a lot, and most importantly on your attitude in receiving.

The lady in the image is pleased as punch at whatever her butler Albrecht is bringing on a golden plate. Take her lead this week and enjoy the news coming your way. Traditionally a pleasant letter/good news can be documents, letters, notes, acceptance, congratulations, documents and correspondence indicating that a bit of good Providence is on the way, or that progress is happening with the big thing you’re endeavouring.   See the irises on the borders of the card?  This flower (the fleur-de-lis of the French Royal family) is blooming on this card and gives another hint at positive news in the symbolic language of flowers;  it means good news, good luck, hope, valor, congratulation, high esteem, faith, wisdom, promises in love and cherished friendship.

“Huzzah!” Professor Farnsworth might exclaim.  There’s one thing though – oracular guidance like this sometimes makes me a little itchy because it flirts with those dreaded W words (worry, waiting, wondering, who, when, whatnot, etc.) the passive approach of waiting for things to happen to us.  Let all of those worries go.  This is not a time to be passive.   In that light, and because I believe all good Intuitive wisdom is designed to help us be ACTIVE and to BE the agent of change in our lives, here’s a little homework for you this week:

Be Professor Farnsworth.   Create, announce and trend your OWN Good News.  Smile   Be creative. Think about the idea of correspondence too.   There’s someone out there who could use a little bit of good news this week.  Who is it?  Who needs a note?   And no, I don’t mean an angry letter to your miserable neighbour or an 11 page letter to the person you are romantically attached to but who isn’t paying attention to you,  but rather some GOOD news/correspondence that you could bring to someone else’s life this week.    What good “news” could a stranger need?

Maybe, like a family member of mine, you’ll create good news  not only because you can share the fact that you are making crafts for a fundraiser, but also in the good news you’re giving to someone who is sick or needy and who needs a reminder of love.   Doing something that makes you proud of yourself is “Good news” to share with others and it’s good news to whoever receives the fruit of your effort.    Maybe you’ll create a little bit of good news by working on that THING you feel is near and dear to you or you’ll create some good news to share with Aunt Martha because you kicked butt at your job this week.     No need to roll out the parchment paper and ink-blotters and your finest stationary (though that would be fun) – fire up your email, or jot something simple down.     Good news is up to you, and when you give, you attract good news in return.

Have a great week!


About the deck:  The Kipper cards or “Kipperkarten” are a German system of 36 oracle cards dating back to the 19th Century. They are very different from the tarot but are similar to, but unique from, French “Lenormand” cards. Like them, they are designed to be read in groups and pairings or in a grand-tableaux using all the cards.  (but, as I always tell my students, invent your OWN way to use them)   This Deck is “Mystisches Kipperkarten/Mystical Kipper” by Regula Elizabeth Fiecher and as illustrated by the wonderful, whimsical  Urban Trosch in beautiful egg-tempera paintings.  

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