Simply Delighted: Card of the week, 3rd March 2014

card 3.3.2014

A theme I’m picking up on a lot lately is that while our energy might be more challenged, crabbier, or more critical, at the start of this month, there is plenty of room for innocent delight and our inner joy and “delight” selves are valiantly campaigning.   This week’s card has a directive, “Delight!”

Boy howdy.   I  usually take just two days off during the month, and these last two days off seemed to be anything but delightful;  a nagging headache caused nearly everything (even you, venerable vegan burrito?)  to annoy the living daylights out of me.  One of my favourite nights of the year is Oscar night but this year’s party was a bit of a downer, even though I still won the prediction game.  The telecast was allegedly no longer than usual, but it seemed nearly immortal.   (As many nay-saying cluckers on the interwebs have been reporting)

Between Ellen’s gradually evolving, in-audience-pizza-party and mugging for selfies  with A-listers and photobombers, (I LOVE that phone, so I’m cutting Samsung some slack for the ridiculously expensive product-placement Oscar sponsoring), the Divine Miss M singing “Wind Beneath My Wings” AFTER the in-memoriam segment instead of during it, an homage to Wizard of Oz (isn’t there always?)  and numerous time-consuming momentum breakers, the span between the first award and the last seemed an eternity.    Still,  there were delights:    a radiant and supernaturally beautiful Lupita Nyong’o  stepped on stage to accept her award for Best Supporting Actress for “12 Years a Slave”  and delivered one of the most humble and beautiful speeches in recent memory.   Bill Murray gave a loving tribute to his once estranged pal, the recently departed, genius film maker Harold Ramis.  John Travolta introduced a “wickedly talented  Adele Dazeem”  to the stage to sing “Let it Go” from Frozen (a bemused Idina Menzel took the stage and the imaginary “Adele Dazeem” soon had twitter account and thousands of followers.)

This week’s card reminds us that whatever irritations may seemingly be in our way, or whatever GREAT reasons, we once had to shut the doors to our heart, new life is here and knocking for us to open up.   This card shows a child regarding the small, rose-like blooms of the Hawthorn and delighting at how perfect they’ll be to make tiny roses for her doll house.

This great line of text appears in the book:

“While we may have been fearful in the past, there will come a time when we can take delight in the innocent joy at the heart of our being. This will happen regardless of what has happened to close us down. Look for that blossoming in yourself and take delight in it.”

There is part of ourselves that doesn’t want to see the world in the tight, closed, artificial vortex of critique and disappointment.  We want to get past old wounds the way Bill Murray did in reconciling with Harold Ramis.  We want to find Ellen as charming as she is good-natured and funny, and we want a slice of that Academy Award pizza.  We want to forgive John Travolta for getting ahead of the syllables on his tongue, and Kim Novak for stopping the hands of time with facial fillers and we want to see the world innocently.

In the metaphorical Oscar show of life, it doesn’t matter what has happened to us in the past (James Franco and Anne Hathaway, or that year in 1989 when there were no hosts at all)  — we will find some hawthorn tree in our path that says, “DELIGHT!”  and we will.  We will delight, we will be surprised at something small and perfect and innocent and we will remember that we are the same. All we have to do is make that choice.


About this deck:    This is “Tree Affirmations”  a very whimsical and beautifully deck illustrated in ink and watercolour by the wonderful and wise Victoria Lewis.   (one drawback though, the cards themselves are HUGE!)  The artwork is lovely and reminds me of my favourite childhood memories – spending time outdoors, painting, and of course, trees!  44 card self published deck by Victoria Lewis.


2 thoughts on “Simply Delighted: Card of the week, 3rd March 2014

  1. Niloo @ Personal Growth and Relationship Coaching w/ Niloofar Shahmohammadi, M.A. says:

    Crabby is right!! I wasn’t feeling it as much yesterday as I am today! I am so so loving the text: “While we may have been fearful in the past, there will come a time when we can take delight in the innocent joy at the heart of our being. This will happen regardless of what has happened to close us down. Look for that blossoming in yourself and take delight in it.” as it feels very on point for me right now! I feel my heart closed down and closing down and yet parts of me really want to move beyond these old ways and see things in a totally different light with totally different eyes! Transcendence instead of varying angles of the same plane. I really hope I can embrace the energy of the card this week!

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