St. Patty’s Trees; card of the week 17th March 2014

card 3.17.2014.1

In honour of St. Patrick’s day, wisdom from the Celts in the form of the “Tree” ogham (alphabet) representing trees and natural elements.     Two cards emerge, the first of which is perfect for this week. It is “BIRCH” tree…. and it represents some of the very energies we’re experiencing right now. Birch asks us to let go of the negative emotions and negative physical habits that no longer serve us, to prepare the way for new birth and a new journey.     So many signs, and source are saying the same thing right now:  purifying and simplifying our lives for what is coming next.  Looking at whatever emotional or physical habits no longer serve us, cleaning up our “home” so to speak and clearing new space for the wonderful things that will arrive.

On my morning walk today, I found my route blocked.  my well-worn sidewalk through part of town was blocked off and a huge jackhammer was pounding into the concrete and flagstones breaking it up, a yellow and black backhoe hummed into action, lifting the heavy segments up like giant bathroom tiles, placing them in the back of a huge truck.    My old path, was literally disappearing in front of my eyes.   The road crew was fixing pipes, drainage pipes and conduits … when they’re done, there will be a new, shiny pathway without cracks, without the insults of the long hard winter, without the dings from falling branches.   And the energy is saying the same thing: for now you have some detours but opportunities to clean up, to refine. All this change happening now is not for nothing, it’s to make things better.         As we all face some uncertain feeling moments, remembering this will help us stay on track in the change (Awesome!)  to come.

card 3.17.2014.2.

This “leaper” from the deck…. was this one, “Willow”  – my namesake tree.   In this card we see waves in the little symbol beneath the tree.  Willow represents feminine, intuitive nature, the tides moving to the moon. Next to the water, catkins appear.   Those catkins are nectar rich flowers that appear in spring and get ready for new growth.    The willow speaks to us about our dreams, our intuition, our feminine principal of flow and an inner reserve of strength.   Your strength is high right now, and your ability to tap into your dreams, and your guiding intuition will help you open up to the coming “Spring”

Happy St. Paddy’s Day – and as the Irish Proverb goes,

May the road rise up to meet you.
May the wind always be at your back.

About this deck:     The Celtic Tree Oracle:  A System of Divination by Liz and Colin Murray (illustrated by Vanessa Card)    published by St. Martin’s Press This 25 card deck features trees and plants and nature symbols from a 2,000 year old Celtic alphabet


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