NOUVELLES card of the week 24th March 2014

card 3.24.2014


It’s SPRINGTIME!    In coming days I’m going to be touching on some “Spring” themes (For those of us in the Northern Hemisphere)  and this week’s card is a good place to start.

It’s Springtime in Paris and elsewhere so  this week’s card is from a French deck, of course!       The  name of the card is “NOUVELLES”  which means NEWS… but it’s also the French adjective for “new”  “fresh”   “now”  modernity …. a word that conveys all the energy of “now” bustling with potential.       Just look at the beautiful dove flapping her wings, ready to sail into the new springtime air with its soft breezes and longer evenings.  Even the numbers (distilled to the number “1” numerologically)  speak of creation, newness and freshness.

The last time  we had a card that related “news”  it was a signal to GENERATE good news and to bring good news to others. This time, the intuitive message is that the emphasis is on receiving news and signals.     In the picture we see little letters and a phone, transmitters of thoughts and news (computers would play a part in modern communication too)  but we ALSO see a crystal ball standing to the right side of the card.    This means that not all the news and signals will be of the ordinary variety.    You may find yourself especially compelled to listen to the messages that your intuition is bringing to you.  Whether that’s a metaphorical guardian angel standing on your shoulder, strange synchronicities giving you a heads up, or simply you tuning into your higher-mind and intuitive creativity to get a breath of fresh air, now is the time to tune in and see what the NEWS is.    Messages abound this week if you take the time to pay attention to more subtle signals and listen to your intuition.

Like the evening news, “NEWS” brings us information about our world, let’s us know where others are and what is going on…. but the news isn’t supposed to be the be-all-end-all of our day.  At some point, you will want to turn the news off and re-join the world.  There’s a caution here not to be so absorbed in news and keeping up to date with what is happening that  you’re letting the rest of the world get lost.    (A real life manifestation of this has been our communal stress and anxiety about missing Malaysia Airlines  flight 370 and the almost constant news-stream that is bringing both information but also a flood of non-information; speculation, theories, and repetitive news).

Signals and communications are coming our way this week and bringing us positive harbingers of potential and “new” spring liveliness, but it’s important to let ourselves disconnect from the stream of news and information so that we can pay attention to what is most important.   There’s also a caution not to be so eager for up-t0-date information that we’re watching the phone waiting for a date to call, lurking around our inbox for that email, or watching the news so hard and furiously that our eyeballs dry up.    For some of the news to come flowing in, we have to make time for OTHER things too and release ourselves from waiting and watching.     Make like that dove in the card;  be light on your feet and see who is on the phone, in the letter, or in the intuitive crystal ball… but then go flying out into the sun … wings flapping!

And don’t forget,  Les grandes pensées viennent du coeur.   (the greatest thoughts come from the heart)


About this deck:  “L’Oeil de Lotus: Jeu Divinatoire”  by Colette and Gerard Lougarre, published by L’Huere Bleue Editions,   is a 55 card deck featuring symbolic, dreamlike artwork.