COURAGE–Card of the week, 31st March 2014


card 3.31.2014


This week’s card (from a “fluffy” deck, no less!)  shows a strong and courageous character in a suit of armour,  astride her trusty steed. Of course, this is none other than Joan d’Arc – the famous warrior born some 600 years ago  who heard other-worldly voices telling her to vanquish the invading English army and deliver France from doom, installing Charles VII as the rightful king.     Long before the days of  Virginia Slims ads proclaiming “You’ve come a long way, Baby” to sell smokes,  Joan was badass military strategist who mobilized troops, directed campaigns and became a hero of the Hundred Years War between France and England.      She had pretty much EVERYTHING going against her, she was a woman, she was wounded in battle and faced execution for hearing the “voice of God” and heretical thoughts as well as confronting societal norms (she dressed like a male soldier).       Even after her death, people have pinned a variety of maladies on her from insanity and schizophrenia to bovine tuberculosis for hearing the voices of Saints and Angels.  No matter what, Joan was one tough, courageous gal.  She single-handedly changed the course of history ( and inspired  the page-boy haircut  that made half the cast of Mad Men famous).

You might not be hearing actual voices this week  (let’s hope not!) but you are still getting the guidance from your intuition this week to be COURAGEOUS like Joan and to suit up your metaphorical armour and carry your sword of Truth and let spirit speak to you.   This is not the time to let Ego’s fearful voice (it’s not going to work, forget about it. GIVE UP!)  sway you.   It’s time to be FIERCE and to remember you’ve got your protective suit of armour on.  You’re rocking your power, and you won’t let hopelessness wave a white flag on the battlefield for you.

And what about those enemies?  Most of the time, it’s not the baddies on the OUTSIDE that pose us the most danger, but the baddies on the INSIDE (our thoughts/fears)  that trip up us the most. This week, notice the motivations and fears that might have been welling up lately that are trying to shake your inalienable right to be CONFIDENT in yourself.    Are you telling yourself that you can’t possibly win?   Are you telling yourself that you’re not as pretty as others?  That you are lame, nerdy or uncool?    Are you telling yourself that nobody will hire you and that if you do get a job, it will be worse than working in the Soylent Green factory?           Now’s the time to get clear about these enemies and face them like the Joan of Arc warrior that you are.  Think Cowardly Lion and his magic heart clock from the wizard of Oz, or Dumbo and his magic feather… all the while, tokens or not, strength is inside.    Be courageous, because it’s when we’re close to success, power and movement that the grey-green creeps come out of the woods to aim out our confidence and sense of self.  If we let them win, then we’re going to undermine the very thing we wanted to accomplish in the first place.

It’s time to be courageous in relationship too, this week.   Courage isn’t just needed in ass-kicking time, it’s needed when we have to build a bond, a bridge and be diplomatic too.  Be brave, aim to join (and connect)  with others this week.  After all, in spite of her warrior reputation, Joan directed troops and even tried to make diplomatic accords WITHOUT lifting a sword.    How brave can you be when it comes to just being REAL and being yourself this week?  How brave can you be when it comes to putting the negative enemies to progress in their place?  How brave can you be by tackling things head on?

GO GET ‘EM, you courageous creature, you.     DO NOT GIVE UP! The baddies are on the run!

About this deck:    Sonia Choquette’s  “THE ANSWER IS SIMPLE ORACLE” cards (charmingly illustrated by ??? unknown) published by Hay House  has  62 cards.   These are very “cute” cards and messages that have a childlike quality and feel and would be wonderful for kids and kids-at-heart.