Subtle Strength; Card of the week 7th April 2014

card 4.7.2014


Last week, a psychologist friend of mine  sent me a package with this Doreen Virtue deck as an awesome surprise birthday present.   Granted, as many of you know, decks like this are not my normal cup of tea and in my mind Metatron, or Archangel Ariel riding a tiger  are more likely to appear alongside Jared Padalecki and Jensen Ackles on the TV show “Supernatural”  than they are to appear in my personal belief system, BUT I’ve been interested in this deck for awhile; it’s not so much a Doreen “eat your vegetables” deck as it is a gentle summary of traditional tarot meanings.

Suspending biases and judgments are part of what this week’s card is all about, after all.  March and April have been kicking up tremendous “change”  juices… not all of them comfortable.  Change is happening faster than we may like and in ways that might seem more chaotic than stable. But this card illustrates how much STRENGTH we have to go through whatever is happening right now.   We have the tools, knowledge and experience and we also we have the strength to get through it.  Just like last week’s COURAGE and Joan of Arc energy – we’re still being asked to remember our strength and integrity.

The Little White Book states:

“This card comes to you because you need to know you’re stronger than you realize. You can definitely handle your current situation. However, instead of “powering through it,” you’re better off with an approach of compassion, kindness and gentleness. The strength that this situation calls for comes from the softness of a spiritual core…     Look upon challenges as opportunities to learn and apply your knowledge and magical touch.”

This is not time to barrel your way through an issue or problem with your defensive hackles raised and your armor clanking.  The more protected you are, the less safe you’ll feel. This is a time for softness, vulnerability and kindness instead of  letting your ego’s protection mechanisms to take over.      It’s also not time to push, try and “control-freak” your way through the changes that are happening.  No matter what you try to do (or not do)  right now the old world is breaking apart and something new is taking form.   Is change scary? You bet, but  you will find that relaxing, chilling out and  letting go of illusions of control will work better than struggling to grab at all the passing straws in the hurricane of change.    Thinking that you have to push and make every little thing happen will confuse and create obstacles that are unnecessary. Let your strength come from the powerhouse of trust and speak through a gentle voice.   Be kind and patient with other people and yourself.

Another phrase that resonated with me on the card was “compassion” and “release harsh judgments” …. with all the energy moving around, the fact that other people aren’t under our control is highlighted and we might find others  to be petty, or abrasive.    It’s a good week to stay off social media and to remember that even the seeming “jerks”  are undergoing the winds of change.  Viewing them as innocent and with compassion isn’t always easy, but this week, it’s a must.


Speaking of Doreen Virtue… check out her article (and mine, on Meditation~!)  in the new edition of the Psychic GuidePost magazine:  or purchase your print copy here     on the web:


About this deck:    The Angel Tarot (a full 78 card deck)  by Doreen Virtue and Radleigh Valentine  is illustrated by Steve Roberts and is published by Hay House

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