You’re BIGGER Than This; card of the week 14th April 2014

card 4.14.2014


This week’s card from the “Notes from the Universe” card deck  is a great one.   Another timely and awesome gift, this deck has the same cheeky, funny (and sometimes vexing) imaginary “notes” from the Universe as the famous TUT mailing list and the first card I pulled was this one.      Indeed, advice like this often annoys me.  Laugh at my problems?   I don’t think so.  My problems are SERIOUS, I tell ya.  Serious.  What could be more important than me and my problems?      (Fittingly, the stack of wood the card is propped on came from an ill-fated apple tree too close to my roofline that I was very sad about cutting.)      But fear ego always wants to keep us limping along, ignoring the obvious and crying in our turtle soup instead of creating new actions and intentions around what is being cut down in order for new things to emerge.      In truth  we ARE bigger than whatever issue we seem to be having right this minute.   That’s the uncomfortable truth.

I also love how this card speaks to “vices” along with the pains of life…. for life’s troubles often are NOT rooted in the accidents and losses that come our way, but in our addiction to various things.    I’m not talking about liquor, gambling, shopping, chocolate ice-cream or loose women here either, though those cause their own troubles.   No, the biggest, snarliest addictions we face are those to pain, self-sabotage and drama.    Strangely enough, the devil we know (kicking holes in our own self esteem with self-pity) is often preferable to the devil we don’t  (whatever unknown NEW thing we have to try and learn or do next!)

This card reminds us that there’s nothing we aren’t bigger than and no illusion we’re telling ourselves is tougher than who we ARE.     Are you telling yourself that you can’t possibly see your way out of this or have what you know your soul is calling for?  Tough nuggets for Fear Self, because you ARE going to get there and you ARE bigger than this.

Every now and then, some moment in life crystalizes a lesson in our memory, forever recapturing and reminding us that “feeling” of wisdom we had when we received it. Such a moment was about 20 years ago when I had a terrible, terrible, awful, dreadful, very bad day at work.   It was one of those days where the badness was only outshined by the UNFAIRNESS of what was going on.   A friend came up to me, gave me a hug and said,     “Willow…. in 100 years, in 50 years, in 10, in 5, in 1 month, – none of this will matter.”            Whatever the problem is, it will change, it will go away it, it will cease to matter.   (I don’t even remember what the issue was on that  “horrific day” anymore and it certainly doesn’t matter)            You do matter… and you are the ONLY thing that matters… you’re here… and you will outlast whatever is bothering you.

As for the laughing part. I highly recommend it.  Whatever you’re taking too seriously about yourself or life, needs to be taken less seriously this week.     As Margaret Cho said,

“it’s good to be able to laugh at yourself and the problems you face in life. Sense of humor can save you”


literally it can save you…. so get to laughing.   Watch some Seinfeld re-runs, Google up that Laugh Guru from India, whatever… just be  sure you make room for the laughs, smiles and gentle reassurances that THINGS ARE FINE that are trying to come through this week!


About this deck:   Notes From The Universe Cards is a  60 card deck by Mike Dooley and published by TUT enterprises.

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