Riding a Bubble; Card of the Week 21st April 2014


card 4.21.2014


This week’s card  shows a little fairy, her wings missing for now,  standing atop a bubble as she contemplates a beautiful tulip she wants to get to, it is from turn-of-the-century artist  Ida Rentoul Outhwaite “Bubble Fairy with Tulip”.    On the reverse of the card there is a quote that says,

will not be rushed,
though a faithful heart
helps wishes become real.


Wishes ARE on their way to becoming true, but you might be feeling more like this fairy poised on a delicate soap bubble than on solid Earth this week.

Astrologically, a  “GRAND CROSS”  of planetary alignment is set to peak on April 23rd this week when Mars, Jupiter, Pluto and Uranus will be at 90 degree angles to each other creating  a “Cross” – supposedly pulling up a dramatic cross-roads  and point of transformation and change that can’t be ignored.

Planetary or not, April has been a crazy month in which powerful “change” energy has been felt by just about everyone. This has not always been comfortable as the old paradigm is stripped away (ready or not) and a new one makes its way into the world.     None of this is change we cannot handle, and everything happening is something we really WANT  on a deep level.   So before you buy into all these emotions swirling around, take heart.           These tough emotions (and in some areas, spiny anger spikes!)  are just your emotions kicking up a fuss at being in all this flux and change, taking a peak at those hidden areas that you’ve been neglecting or even afraid of.

The fairy’s old mode of transportation (her wings)  might not be working anymore and indeed she  might be rising up on a swirling, rainbow-slick of soap (could it burst? will it last?)  that seems uncertain, but she is rising and the wind will carry her to her flowery destination … she just has to be patient and have faith with this new mode of transportation.

As the quote says, sometimes we can’t rush, speed or skip past the change and the pain that comes with it to get to the good stuff on the other side.   Instead we have to have faith that this way is better, that it is all building something wonderful.   After all, haven’t you been getting signs for weeks or months that the old way won’t work anymore?

That tulip is unfurling a petal for you to step onto, and you’re almost there, but in the meantime this week,  don’t hop and down on the bubble, don’t try to speed it up, don’t lose hope or fall off, don’t poke it with a pin because you’re afraid it will not carry you.  Instead,   keep your faith in yourself and others, for above all else, this is your magic feather that will carry you through.


Faith is not belief without proof, but trust without reservation.

D. Elton Trueblood


About this deck:  SWEET DREAMS 36 Bedtime Wishes  by Cooper Edens and Sheryl Abrams published by Chronicle Books,   are wishes, quotations and accompanying children’s book illustrations from bygone eras to lull you (or a special child)  to sweet dreams.

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