Tastiest Dish Card of the Week; 28th April 2014


card 4.28.2014 1



This week I’m feeling under the weather, so I decided to pick a deck that “says it all”  with words and a picture.  This week’s card shares a timely message.

The tastiest, best recipes you can ever make are those that come together with an inspiration some lazy Saturday afternoon in a rainstorm when all you have on hand is pasta, eggplant, garlic and fresh herbs, or perhaps a dish you create with no holds barred as the Executive Chef at a fancy-shmancy prix-fixe joint.   (As opposed to being someone else’s fry-cook or pastry chef trying to make other people happy).   Why are those meals so tasty?  Because you’re the source of creativity and passion flowing in the moment of inspired action and NOT the person worried about what everyone else thinks.       The best things are made when we’re unselfconscious and focused only on serving our art.


card 4.28.2014 2


Not an artist?  It doesn’t matter!   Life is your art!   Maybe you don’t have to think quite so hard this week about how to painstakingly craft the most perfect image for other people to see you as.  Maybe all the trying and all the belabored recipe following is hiding your true light from shining forth, just as it is.   Whatever “recipe” you’re trying to stick to do the best job, might not be working for you.   Are you pressured to write a perfect online profile?  Do the most amazing mom-week ever? Craft a perfect presentation? Make a perfect web page?         Maybe all that pressure to get things just right and to follow all the rules is actually becoming a thorn in your creative side.     This is a week to let loose in your metaphorical kitchen and to not be encumbered by so much “try to get it right”   and too much THINKING.   Instead … let yourself be free to do what you really want and what really comes from that “authentic Me” place.    When you do you will feel (and appreciate) yourself more.  And when you appreciate yourself more the need for others to appreciate and approve of you (the reason why you were trying to be all perfect in the first place) disappears and the flow of REAL creativity takes over.  You have lots of creative ideas right now that are trying to break free!


*About this deck:  “The Voice of Knowledge Cards” by don Miguel Ruiz  is published by Hay-House.

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