The Pomegranate Tree; card of the week 12th May, 2014


card 5.12.2014


Because this is “get valuable information in unlikely places”  month, we’re using decks that I didn’t initially like, or don’t often use and as with last week, a surprising gem reveals itself.  Sponsored by the letter “W”

The Pomegranate Tree (from The Tree Magic deck)   is a card that speaks to us about wealth.  This is a week for prosperity.   While we might not always feel like we’re in complete harmony with the Oneness of the Universe, (lol – who does?) or even remotely close,  the energy that surrounds us is giving a glorious bounty if only we choose to tap into it this week.

Nature itself is constantly trying to reform and grow and thriving is the name of the game.   When lightning strikes an oak,  the trunk is still working over time to pop out new leaves, new acorns, new life.  When the Permian extinction happened 250 million years ago,  nearly wiping all life off the planet, Nature sprang back with duck billed platypuses, Bird of Paradise blooms, ruby-slippers, pizza, Mozart, human kindness  and Facebook.  The cup is always trying to fill up!

This is a week to really feel that glow and flow all around you. In what ways is life trying to reward you, not some date off in the future or in some anxious waiting you have for something, but right now?   I feel like this card is talking to us about abundance of of the heart.  The card itself talks about love touching us in the department of romance, friendships and acquaintances – that no matter what poverty we felt in those areas before, that new life can breathe and new wealth can pour in.

Not only are we talking about emotional and spiritual wealth, there’s also a message to pay attention to practical wealth this week too. The ancient Egyptians considered pomegranates symbolic of prosperity and wealth and in their native ancient Persia, pomegranates were held as jewels of prosperity; the good things in life.

What kind of wealth is coming your way this week?  Whether it’s money, abundance, friendship, feelings of love, do with it the best thing you can always do with wealth:   SPREAD IT AROUND.  Don’t just stick it in a metaphorical bank account.  Let yourself share whatever wealth you find.


About this deck:  Tree Magick: Fifty-Two Magical Messages for Inspiration, Protection and Prediction  by Gillian Kemp is an adorable deck with a  tree theme and clever collage artwork.   This deck can be used for meditation, inspiration and more.