Club Soda; Card of the Week 2nd June, 2014

card 6.2.2014


This month’s theme is going to be Cool Tarot Decks, and the first in line is the hilarious Housewives Tarot.

Poor Barbara, she’s overcome with the excesses of the weekend, a giant hand tries to hand her yet another Manhattan on the rocks, and she just can’t take anymore.   This deck’s take on the four-of-cups is whimsical (gone is the little fellow ignoring a floating cup, sitting under a tree)  but straight up:

“The Four of Cups warns of overindulgence, whether it is in matters of the heart, the home or the bottle. Too much of a good thing leads to boredom – or worse, rehab!  Change, not escape, is the answer.”

This week, no matter how glimmering that plastic sword is, or how plump the maraschino cherry;  — less is more and change is good!   Remember, the NEW that has been filling us in over the last couple of years is really picking up the pace right now. It’s normal to have some tugs and pulls of “oh no must escape all this new-newness!!  Ack!!”

Still, this is not a time to indulge in escapes as the attractions and distractions of the world and worldly might be plentiful right now.  Right now, eating an entire cheesecake for lunch, shopping until you drop, or otherwise trying to get lost in the “worldly” will leave you feeling flat and bogged down.     This is a good time to use our present Mercury retrograde astrology to the advantage of  tuning inward and reflecting on our inner selves instead of all the things our thoughts, habits, jobs, friends, and other people are telling us.     Make no mistake about it though, fun is on the way too…. but don’t partake in anything that gets you off balance or away from your true path/true thing you want to accomplish.     Boredom and distraction is often a way our ego finds a playground to get lost in.          This week we’re in a slower pace, building up for more social energies coming in over the weekend and next week.   It’s ok to slow your roll and to tap into those habits that are healthy or help you stay grounded and balanced and in your “happy place”   — and remember everything GOOD in moderation too!


Have a great week!


About this deck:    The Housewives Tarot by Paul Kepple and Jude Buffum is published by Quirk Publishing.   This is really a fun deck  which comes in a recipe  box style container with 78 cards and a great book.  The mobile version for Android and iPhone by is equally amazing and complete.      This writing, illustrating duo (graphic designers) have put together one of the cheekiest  odes to the Tarot, Mid-Century Modern and 50’s cultural kitsch ever!  You get unique spreads  (like the “Martini”)  and the deck even comes with vintage recipes.   Way gone, Daddy-o!

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