Strength of an Open Heart Card of the week 17th June 2014


card 6.16.2014

Here’s another entry for this month’s theme of unique tarot decks,  and this one brings a unique spin on the Strength card of the major arcana.   Here we see a figure uplifting a heart, courageously overhead.

Sometimes when we’re facing change within a relationship, change in our friendships or just plain old change, we want to be MORE guarded with our hearts.  We want to escape, withdraw or run away on some level.  (whether that’s by escaping into distractions or even escaping through “screw this, I’m out of here”  or revenge fantasies)            Or perhaps we feel yet MORE pressure to act, be, do and say PERFECTLY to impress others or make a big impact.   Sorry to say, none of this is OPEN-HEARTED.    It all comes from a place that wants to control or manipulate, to protect ourselves.

While this week may bring fantasies about hurting someone else’s feelings, running away, or  razzle-dazzling and convincing others,  this is the perfect time bring in TRUE courage and TRUE strength instead!   True courage is not the absence of fear, instead it’s the choice we make IN that fear, to be open to another person’s experience, to be compassionate and to be honest instead of guarded.      What if we were kind and honest instead of manipulating the situation from a place of fear?    Great progress can be made this week with all those gifts the Wizard granted in OZ:    HEART, COURAGE, and BRAINS.

The LWB (or Little White Book, as they’re called)  says,

” Be persistent and be gentle, and approach the dangers that surround you with clear eyes, an open heart and without fear. Look right into the heart of that which makes you most afraid, and dissemble your anxiety by true examination.”


The “DANGERS” here aren’t real dangers necessarily, but they represent things you’re scared of on the road to change and growth.    Avoid the pitfalls of distraction;  running away, seeking revenge, hurting others before or because they hurt you, or impressing and persuading.   Use that gentle courage to keep reaching out, understanding and having the desire to learn.    Don’t be afraid to see what lies ahead, because this moment of uncertainty will pass and the light will shine the way towards what the next steps will be.   Raise your open heart like a beacon, and let it (instead of “walls”)  protect you and inspire strong, courageous, leading energies as you help others and yourself this week.


About this deck:

The Oracle Tarot by Lucy Cavendish is a 64 deck tarot  (the court cards have been omitted)  published by Hay House.   This modern, funky twist on the tarot is a deck intended for positive inspiration, spiritual focus and insight .

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