LET the Sun shine; card of the week 28th July 2014

card 7.28.2014



What a lovely card of the week – a bright yellow, sunny “EMBRACE” message with two beaming (and hugging!) sunflowers.  Yellow is the colour of happiness, joy, and warmth and it’s radiating all over the place this week!     This gleaming sunshine reminds us that our life life is here to be cherished and that we can embrace ourselves (and others) as we truly are. Sunshine is the force that turns those sunflower faces skywards, which promote the process of growth, and which keeps things from being forever stuck.   We can be sure that whatever we EMBRACE comes into better balance

There are a lot of misunderstandings about this familiar message though (especially in spiritual communities)  –  It’s a myth that you have to be happy all the time to embrace your life and love who you are.    We are not emotional robots and only embracing (or looking for) the sunshine in life is imbalanced and impossible.  Some days will obviously be less sunny than others; we might set the toaster on fire or find ourselves on the wrong side of a parking ticket.   If something hurts and you experience a flop in a pile of horse-apples, hearing “oh isn’t life wonderful?  BE GRATEFUL!”  might make you feel resentment or feel the pang of stress of having to be perfect and at peace.    Embracing life doesn’t mean loving every single element of it or forgoing our power to create and change our lives.

Stuff happens and it’s indeed ok to not be a bubbling brook of sunshine happiness ALL the time.  Our recent cultural preoccupation with striving for happiness has, in some ways gotten in the way of the basic principles of happiness itself!     In fact, feeling however you feel and allowing yourself to feel that way IS part of “embracing” life.   That doesn’t mean nursing a bad attitude or clinging to a patch of woe-is-me (because that’s simply a mechanism to avoid the next steps)  — but it does mean that if, in the middle of your sunflower patch, a temporary rain cloud passes – you’re ok!   You can embrace your feelings so that you can move through them.   That’s what this card is really all about –allowing ourselves to really embrace WHATEVER we are and whatever we really feel…. no matter what it is!    (That doesn’t mean you’re always right, or that those emotions always need to be acted on, .. it just simply means that you can embrace that you’re having them.)

This is a special week where we can embrace both those wonderful things that we love about ourselves, and love about life and we can ALSO  embrace the things that we wish could be better, including our flaws.   This is the week to embrace our big feet, addiction to television cooking competitions, lack of ambition  or tired spouse.  It’s a time when we can look at our loudest child and be glad that they have a voice, or look at our lumpy legs and be glad that they carried us through so many adventures with grace.

Like last week, pay attention to who you really are and what you’re all about… because the more often you embrace who YOU are (and your own wisdom) the more you can appreciate other people for the same reason.   We can accept that other folks aren’t clones of ourselves.   What if your friend wants to go to a hipster bar wearing a handle bar-mustache, an ironic t-shirt  and an orange fedora?  … or what if the  blind date you just met wants to move to Mongolia and you don’t?   Isn’t that great for them?  The truth is, what they’re doing doesn’t  say ANYTHING about you, who you are or where you’re going.   Embrace those differences… because you know what?  Maybe you weren’t planning to go to Mongolia anyway.

If a guy tells you he’s not looking for a serious relationship, your mom tells you she’s not interested in exercising, or your cat tells you he’s not interested in getting off of your laptop in the middle of you typing a proposal – LISTEN to them. Embrace what they’re saying.  Don’t let it just bounce off your head like a Nerf ball.

But most of all, as much as you can, EMBRACE yourself, this week.  You have a lot going for you, you’ve got a lot going on. There are things about you that you do deserve to embrace and honour more than you do. What are they?  How can you listen and embrace more this week?

Fire up KC and The Sunshine band, pack some sunflowers in the biggest vase physics will allow on your end table, or dust off that yellow fedora.  –   Have a great sunshine-y week!


About this deck:    The Soul Coaching Oracle cards by Denise Linn is  published by Hay House.

The Guide; card of the week 21st July 2014


card 7.21.2014



Today’s card is from the Osho Zen Tarot.   Last week’s “BOUQUET”- happy -feelings and focus on growth and creativity is still hanging around us as a general theme this month, but this week we have a new element to add into the mix. Guidance.

In the illustration we see a rainbow clad angel leading the way through ripples of light and air – behind it, a human trails behind, unsure of her progress and unsure of whether she should trust this source of light and illumination.


This week’s message is all about trusting your inner guidance. Whether or not you believe in any spiritual hoo doo, mysticism, angels or Guides, you DO have a brain in your head and you DO have a form of innate wisdom.   What is your inner “guide” telling you this week?  Because whatever it is, it’s going to be exactly where you need to go.

So much of the time we’re taught to ignore or distance ourselves from our instincts and intuitions.  We second guess, over-think or just outright ignore the quiet wisdom that lies in our heart  like a smooth pebble shining in the stream  glinting up at us. This week, it’s time to listen to that voice or guidance system – whatever that means to you.

It also means that this week you’re asked to really think before you raise your hand in class and ask someone for help – do you already know the answer?  Do you already have the wisdom to solve that problem? Do you really need to ask? Can you trust yourself just a little bit more?      Sometimes making the right decisions does not involve asking others to tell you what to do. Sometimes you must figure out what to do on your own, without contamination.   At other times, you simply have to make a choice – no matter what it is – and follow through on it.  Trust your instincts.  If you get yourself in a pickle…. so what?   Dust off your jeans and get back up there.   Rarely is something so irreversibly flubbed that you can’t rectify it and make it better. So what are you afraid of?   Do choices really need to be such big bad monsters this week?  NO!   It’s safe for you to make choices and to trust your inner guidance.

For that matter, if you DO find yourself getting guidance from your mom, your bff, your deck of cards or intuition – avoid asking questions like “what should I do?”  — instead ask for ways that you can tap right back into your OWN wisdom and skirt those mental tricks or practical snafus that are getting in the way of seeing your guiding light.

Sometimes a feeling of CONFUSION is not actually confusion at all but a lack of trust in your own ability to make decisions and find wisdom. This week that mechanism of self trust and self inquiry is important to bring through all those “bouquet” vibes that started rolling last week (creativity! flow! Happy surprises!).

Take a look at this quote by Osho on listening to one’s inner “Dharma” (guidance) in the commentary of the card:


“It is almost like a light. Even a small candle will do and the whole darkness disappears. And once you have a candle you know where the door is.  You don’t have to think about it – ‘where is the door?’   Only blind people think about where the door is. People who have eyes and the light is there, they don’t think.  Have you ever thought, ‘Where is the door?’  You simply get up and go out. You never give a single thought to where the door is.  You don’t start groping for the door or hitting your head against the wall. You simply see, and there is not even a flicker of thought.  You simply go out.”


As a side note, I personally think the  Bhagwan Rajneesh  (Osho) was a bit of a whackadoodle character being embroiled in multi-national  controversy and touring around in a fleet of Rolls Royces and such, … but as with all sources of wisdom, the teacher is immaterial and the info from their own teachers can still be true or illuminating.   – and isn’t this one interesting ?   Once we let that tiny scrap of “light” in it’s like a whole wall of darkness melts away.   We don’t have to be RIGHT about everything or know everything.. just trusting our wisdom a little bit allows us to get up off the couch, go out the door and bring in new adventures… and that’s what it’s all about.  We don’t need to be perfect.

This week if you’re asked to GUIDE others, don’t be surprised!  If you do find yourself in a place of leadership, remember to call upon your own inner guidance instead of your fears or suppositions… and help others to see their own wisdom too.


Happy adventuring! Smile



About this deck:     The Osho Zen Tarot:  The Transcendental Game of Zen is a really cool, non-traditional 78 card tarot deck (no matter how you feel about Osho)     The illustrations are fabulous, the meanings simple to understand and a sense of humour pervades in the images. By Ma Deva Padma (who also did another awesome deck on the I-Ching:  The Tao Oracle)

A Big Bouquet, Card of the Week 14 July 2014


card 7.14.2014


This Lenormand card is a really GREAT one to bloom for us this week.   The bouquet is about all things that could make us smile, rejoice and give thanks.      Again the theme of “something surprising and joyous” presents itself, but more directly this time.

This week we may have this positive association of “things going well”  pop up in a myriad of ways.  Traditionally the bouquet card means that something good is underway;  a period of illness or “blah” my improve,  things may work out in your favour at work or  in a situation around your career,  or something really marvellous could happen around love and relationships.

With all this glad tiding abounding, it might feel easy to get what you want, but you’re put on notice to not squander the goodness. Appreciate it instead of being careless, wasteful or unconscious.   Savour the good stuff with other people without assuming that something worse is coming later (“doom-futuring”) and without taking them (and the special times) for granted.       For those who are going through a time of letting go, or of loss,  the bouquet represents the presence, support and company of others to help us process our feelings and to help us take care of our hearts.

See the little bee in the image?   The little bee suggests that while things are comin’ up roses, we STILL must be aware of the work we’re constantly called to do.   Being mindful of ourselves, how we treat others, how we treat ourselves, and how we’re working on or goals doesn’t take a nap just because glorious blooms are unfurling.   This is not the time to swill at the trough of good things, it’s time to APPRECIATE, have fun, and include others in these glad tidings.

This card is also associated with the number “9” …. think creatively about what this may mean for you this week.  The number “9” is also sometimes associated with altruism, consciousness, compassion, seeing others in a positive light.    The planet Jupiter’s association with this card relates to 9s social consciousness because Jupiter is often represents the way we express tolerance, generosity and kindness towards one another. It also represents the best that life has to offer.


About this deck:   the “Mystisches Lenormand” illustrated by the wonderful Urban Trösch in trompe l’oeil style  egg-tempura paintings,  is a 36 card traditional Lenormand deck published by Königsfurt-Urania. If you can get your hands on this rare deck, I highly recommend it.  It’s tiny, it’s strange and awesome.