Playing in the bubbles, Card of the week, 11th August 2014



Victorian Fairy Tarot Ten of Summer


Another of our August nature theme cards comes to us for the week.   From the Victorian Fairy Oracle, my favourite card in the deck “10 of Summer” (10 of cups- one of the most positive cards in the traditional tarot)!   In this truly gorgeous painting by Gary Lippincott, we see fairies in gowns and spider-wool swim-suits, wearing wide brimmed boaters and sun hats – all frolicking by a summer brook.  A tiny waterfall cascades and creates their summer wonderland.  Young and old are gathering and spending time together near the iridescent bubbles breaking and the lilies-of-the-valley blooming.   Two older fairies gab by a rock,  others take a dive, and one little fairy is even using this energy to pursue creative visions as he draws the scene.

This week’s card speaks of a “heaven on Earth”… where we’re making a choice to be  surrounded by happiness, joy and emotional fulfillment.   In the traditional Rider-Waite imagery for this card, we see a rainbow spreading overhead with a family heralding joy as a river rushes by.  The family represents bonding and stability and the  rainbow  (seen here in the rainbow bubbles) represents the end of hard times.   Things can feel pretty darned wonderful this week if we allow ourselves to let go and enjoy the warmth radiating in. 

This is not a time when we can try to stop the flow of the river though, trying to get in the way or trying to over-process or overdo will not work for us.  It’s also time to let miscommunications or instances of petty ego go.. this is not the week you’re going to conquer other people  — instead, it’s a week to enjoy, to be honest, to be clear, to get past any game playing (emotional or mental)  so you can actually PLAY!    This will require being totally honest with yourself … and your playmates.      Give up any plans to make someone else suffer, make them “sweat it out” , to cause jealousy,  or to to otherwise tap-dance on someone else’s egoic fears.  Why?  Because this is going to bum you out far more than it will ever impact them.    In the rainbow bubble energy of happiness and bounty, grievances can be left aside and you can return to a place of seeing yourself (and others) as innocent.  

The bubbling brook/river in the 10 of cups is about emotional release… letting go of any emotional baggage we’ve been lugging around.   See those fairies? They’re packing light for their day in the sun, and that’s a hint for you this week as well.  Allow yourself to feel the “blips” of pain or negativity as you face what’s within and what you have to do next (after all facing things is not always easy and in fact many of us have received some clarity over the last couple of months about our path and how we need to CHANGE ourselves … sometimes this has been tough or scary or daunting) but this week you can keep releasing those old over-stuffed suitcases!   You can take some deep breaths and feel like things are going to be ok, you can make choices to see things as not so bad.    It may feel as though you’re being beckoned into this wonderful scene, but you can’t fit through the gate with all your same old luggage… and that it’s OK to lighten your load and feel more free and playful.   As I often write, play can take many forms… from out and out fun and games, to more spiritual forms of “play”  and even creativity.  No matter how you play.. you’re going to find that this innocent energy helps solve some of the more tricky problems you’ve been working on.

Speaking of play, this week it’s time for a more childlike outlook and to allow ourselves to be pulled into some real-world merriment instead of staying late to work or hammering a project into the wee hours.  Whether you’re like the fairies in the painting talking and enjoying others, taking in the views, or even spending some time in your solo creativity, let yourself do a little goofing off and frivolity this week.    Playing games, drawing, enjoying the weather, hitting an amusement park, taking a hike, or anything else that is fun for you – it’s just what you need to make all that you need to work on or create flow even more!


enjoy the week!


About this deck:    The  Victorian Fairy Tarot  by Lunaea Weatherstone and Gary Lippincott, published by Llewellyn,  is one of the most beautifully painted and illustrated tarot decks ever created.  Check out my full review of this deck in psychic Guidepost Magazine available online here.     


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