In The Beginning…. Card of the Week, 18th August 2014

card 8.18.2014



This week’s cards (we had a jumper card too)  come from another nature inspired deck:   The Tree of Life Oracle by Elaine Clayton.  The card “Spring”  speaks of beginnings and the card “Leaves” speak of messages, signals and gifts.

IN THE BEGINNING…. there was the beginning!   Every chapter of life and every new thing we endeavour to take on always has three distinct parts:  1) a beginning filled with wonder, excitement, insecurity, newness and new growth,  2) a middle full of consistency,  mastery, industry and life, and 3) an ending of completion, success or closure.      In those things that endure with us the longest (relationships, marriages, child-rearing)  this three part cycle repeats itself over and over as new lessons, new tasks and new changes emerge.

This week (whenever you’re reading this)  we’re asked to be OK with being at the BEGINNING of something.  To realise that we’re not in the mastery stage, or the “everything’s all wrapped up stage” — and you know what? That might not be very comfortable for some of us.    Sometimes our irrational mind takes over and we want to be able to play the 3rd Rachmaninoff piano concerto immediately after getting the sheet music,  we want to pick out wedding shoes a few days after meeting a new person,  or to have a job promotion in our hands before we even have a job.    This week the energy is about dreaming big, but not so big that we forget that every awesome thing had to start with small beginnings, with uncertainty, newness and learning a thing or two.  If you feel like life has been short on delivering “results” of late, then it’s time to embrace those new beginnings even more!        If we get too discouraged about being at the beginning of something, ego gets to win its favourite reward:  BEING STUCK.   If you can’t handle the steps it takes to get somewhere new, chances are you’re not going to get anywhere at all.

Beginnings may sometimes feel like you just stepped off a space-craft into some distant planet and have no idea what to do or where to go, but they can also be amazing.  The “beginning” energy is full of creative juices and tons of inspirations that only “newness” energy can supply us with.  Alongside the card “Leaves”, which suggest messages and inspiration… this could be a one-two-punch of creative awesomeness for you this week.    Beginnings can be so great in other ways too… the energy allows us to actually have a bigger reservoir of interest and faith in the future, a sense of excitement and possibilities, a lack of jaded energy.   Beginnings can also be EXCITING and different, offering a shake-up to the old routines.

Plato said:

“The beginning is the most important part of the work.”

Why is that?  Because if we don’t actually overcome inertia and START (often with our blindness, faith and willingness as all that we have setting out)  – we’ll never get anywhere.  Likewise If we don’t allow ourselves to be in the simple, imperfect and questioning  beginning and relish it, we will start to unwind all our progress by growing a big stinky pile of “LACK OF FAITH” instead of actually getting anything done.    Instead you could enjoy the beginning of something in your life… whether that’s a new phase, a new task, a new project, a new person… and let it be the beginning. Something new, tender and worthy of being nurtured. Don’t throw all your impatience at this new thing like you would 100 steps down the line when you’ve got the hang of what’s happening.   Be gentle.   Invest in all that creativity and wonder.  With the message about “Signals, gifts and messages”  you might be getting some help for those beginning stages, or you might be listening to your own inner wisdom and guidance.


About this deck:    The Tree of Life Oracle by Elaine Clayton is a small deck of 30 cards (all in a cute little magnetic enclosure box) published by Schiffer Publishing, Ltd  —  I’m a sucker for any deck that is “Tree” themed and this one delivers some unusual goods:   the style of the illustration and the simplicity make this deck especially suited to purely intuitive meanings or coming up with your own associations even if you never crack open the book that accompanies the deck.

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