Your Own Rhythm; Card of the week, 1st September 2014

card 9.1.2014


This week’s card reminds us that we have our OWN rhythm and tempo that is unique to us. Whatever we’re learning or doing, it’s exactly in our own right time.  Sometimes we expect that one big huge explosion of experience will occur and that clarity, change and ok-ness will be what is left when the dust settles.  In reality, things happen in their own time, usually over a series of steps and improvements. It doesn’t need to be all at once.   In the same way, you don’t have to feel pressured to do things in the timeline that others do, or within their expectations.

You have your own unique way of approaching things this week.   If you find yourself taking your time to do something right, or wavering – it doesn’t mean you’re off track, it’s all part of your own process in your own time.   In the same way, you might feel that things are happening really quickly this week and lots of changes are happening right now that are, even though they’re good, a little scary because they’re different from the norm.    The card above reminds us that things don’t always have to fit out expectations about how they’ll occur (and, let’s face it, MOST of us are seeing growth right now that is different than the way things used to be, the old is falling away and we can’t go expecting the same things that we did before)        Different is good in this case!     Maybe some of the new tempos and experiences right now are going to have you marching to the beat of a different drummer – and isn’t that what you’ve been saying you wanted?  Change?

Yup!!   Honour your own special unique rhythm and allow for them to show you a whole new tune.  I  hope you all have a wonderful holiday and great week.


About this deck:   Notes From The Universe Cards is a  60 card deck by Mike Dooley and published by TUT enterprises.