Erfolg und Warten; card of the week 29th September, 2014


card 9.29.2014


Last night I had a weird dream about a present reality in which some global participation project (think “ice-bucket challenge”) was viral on the internet asking people to be a lot kinder and more understanding of one another – especially those who have different cultures, languages and or/religions.  When I woke up I thought that this certainly fits the political climate of late and on a more personal level summer is coming to a close and people everywhere are just a tiny bit more on edge than usual (the astrologers say that we’re in the “shadow” period of Mercury retrograde coming in October).      The deck of cards I picked randomly with closed eyes and pointing finger seems to reflect the global understanding theme  — Das Orakel Der Sibylle (Sibilla Oracle Cards) lists the meanings in each card in five different languages – ha!     We even have a “jumper” card again.   So what do this week’s cards say about this time where there’s just a smidge more fear and more understanding needed?

The first one is SUCCESSO, éxito  — Erfolg… SUCCESS!  Woo hoo.     The gentleman in the card is all spiffed up in his fancy swan-tail coat, his sleeves are extra puffy (80’s TV stars would be green with envy) and his hands are holding the book that contains the results  of all his effort, erudition and heart.  Two hands are about to place a laurel wreath (a symbol of triumph and success since the times of ancient Rome) on his head…. and notice those other wreaths on the ground… which didn’t quite hit the mark before?   This time, he’s truly ready.    The thing about success is that it’s not always instant and, as the card suggests, sometimes we have to try a few times before we get it right.  That’s OK!   Spend less time this week focusing on the wreaths that didn’t meet the mark and more on the projects, studies and abilities in your own two hands.  If you keep your focus on the game, – like a cosmic game of ring-toss, that laurel wreath of success will land squarely on your head.    This is not the week to go crawling around after old wreaths that have already fallen.  It’s time to focus on your work without a second thought of the reward.      You’re close to success!!

In terms of our global kindness theme… it’s good to remember that different people have different concepts of what success is. Whether near to you or different from you, no two versions of “success” are the same. Be measured by your own measure…. but at the same time raise your glass to congratulate or appreciate those who are wearing laurels that are different from yours.  Appreciating someone else’s success doesn’t take success away from YOU.


Here’s the second “jumper” card:

card 9.29.2014 2

The second one is about WAITING…  (Warten, attesa, espera, attente!)    Even though those laurel wreaths are plopping on our heads and we’re close to success- waiting might tempt us with its stuck-making powers of distraction.  Yes, life does have times when we have no choice but to wait… but this card seems to refer to those wait times we impose on ourselves.   See our girl in the blue dress? (Again with ginormous-sleeves) – she’s all dolled up in her best outfit, and she’s carrying a wreath of flowers symbolising her power to bestow love and innocence.  She is waiting at a garden gate and she’s been standing there so long her feet have gotten tired and she has to lean on on the wall for support.   See who she’s looking at?  Yeah – that Huckleberry Finn guy  in the straw hat with the fishing pole who is heading in another direction… off to spend the day doing his own thing.   She’d be far better off putting that wreath on her own head and taking her own merry way, but she is caught in the trap of waiting.  The day gets longer and longer and that floral wreath will start to droop and all that waiting isn’t going to change what he’s doing or hurry him along.  Maybe someone else could be far more worthy of that wreath.

This is a good week to do just about anything BESIDES “waiting” for things. It doesn’t matter what that thing is (even if it IS A good thing) … your job is not to wait around getting droopy. You have your own life.   If you’re in a trap where you’re waiting on someone who isn’t giving you their time and attention – really ask yourself if this is the best use of your energy.   Powerful, self-focused energy does NOT wait around.  (And those forces or people that have your best interest at heart will come towards you … if they’re true…. WITHOUT you having to stop your life for them)

In the theme of kindness and understanding…  think of a great cosmic waiting room.  It might seem like some people are ahead or behind us.. but you know what?  We’re all waiting for something.  Sometimes we’re focused on the wrong things like our lady in the card, or sometimes the GOOD or necessary things aren’t happening just yet.  Don’t be the loudmouth in the room who bemoans life and makes the experience harder on everyone by being angry at the people in front or making life tough on those behind in the queue. Realise that we all have different ways of going about the experience. Maybe you could make some coffee for others or spruce up the magazines.   DO something with your time and be productive  — see everyone in the room as partners.


This week we have FABULOUS success coming towards us and the ability to defeat the trap of waiting if we put our minds towards success.   It’s time to puff up our sleeves, get those wreaths on our heads… and get out there! Have a great one, everyone!  (Que tengas una buena semana! Buona settimana! -eine schöne Woche! Passe une bonne semaine! Smile )


About this deck: The Sibilla Oracle Cards are published in various forms for hundreds of years… (and were very popular in the 18th and 19th centuries) … this particular one is a reproduction of a period deck published by Lo Scarabeo in Italy and has 52 cards.

Goodies for Fall 2014

Happy Fall Day


An equinox is an astronomical event where the sun is at its zenith over the equator and light and dark, day and night are in perfect balance.   For those of us in the Northern hemisphere, we’re on the threshold of fall and in the Southern hemisphere,  spring is about to burst forth. The Autumnal Equinox hit us on 23rd September, 2014 at 2:29 UTC – making this the first full  day of fall (though yesterday was an acceptable celebration too, since for most of us the equinox was on the 22nd there’s tons of confusion on the web about this ha! ).      So Happy FALL DAY, and Mabon everybody! (more on that in a sec)

I love autumn and while it’s still summer where I am, golden leaves have started to dot walkways and paths and the tops of certain trees are already glowing like yellow torches, leading the way for fall.  Trader Joe’s is carrying probably six thousand pumpkin and pumpkin spice related items  so all is right in the world.

Before we head into this season, let’s pause today and celebrate the balance and poise of the equinox and also the new moon (September 23rd and 24th) in Libra.  A new moon is traditionally a time to set intentions and plant seeds – this month, it’s perfect timing to set intentions towards peace, cooperation and balance (reflecting the Libraness of the moon)

So what’s this Fall Day, you ask? When I was a kid, and because nobody in my family knew about Mabon,  my family invented a holiday to mark the entrance to fall:  “Fall Day”  (one of many family rituals and made up excuses to celebrate).     I would make a special meal and we’d decorate with wooden acorns and paper leaves with messages on them for the upcoming year. My mom and I would go into town for a special chocolate and take a walk looking for leaves and flowers to make a fall wreath.  This is the time of year I think of (and miss!)  my mom the most.  Happy Fall Day, mom, where ever you are!

Finally,  Psychic Guidepost Magazine – for FALL 2014  is out and inside there are articles by Doreen Virtue, John Holland, Tana Hoy and yours truly (on Robin Williams and walking meditation)   — and many other fun articles and tidbits.  Check it out!   (you can view it free online, buy a print copy or view it on your devices)

Strength and Hope; Card of the Week 22nd September 2014

card 9.22.2014

I love this week’s card!  The Star is one of the most positive and beautiful cards  in the tarot (here with Kris Waldherr’s  Goddess Tarot deck) –  it reminds us of hope and faith and one that tells us that even though we’ve been through tough times,  we’re now in a place of transformation, healing, inspiration, and success.  In the Goddess Tarot, The Star focuses on the symbolism of strength and power with a pair of winged lions, and Inanna, the Sumerian Goddess of Love, Fertility and War  (whose ancient symbol is an 8 pointed star) while in  the traditional tarot, the Star features a woman pouring water into a pool and onto a parched landscape in the foreground of a starry sky.  One of her feet is in the water (symbolising her connection with her own intuitive voice of wisdom and spiritual connection) and the other foot is planted on the ground (in touch with her practical reality and the common sense tools she has in the physical world).     In the sky above her, 8 pointed stars gleam as symbols of strength.

card 9.22.2014 2


The presence of the Star this week reminds you that you’re entering into personal transformation and that a better, brighter future is waiting for you.  Right now the Universe has your back and you know what?  You have your own back too with the power of your own wisdom and practical common sense.   The star gleams overhead reminding you of wonderful possibilities as long as you don’t give up on yourself  and understand that you can’t get there if you give up on the faith and hope of a better tomorrow.    Like any gleaming star to a sailor lost at sea,  this one says that hope, faith, help and inspiration is all around you to guide you on the journey.

Here’s the thing about “hope” though…   having faith and hope is not about saying “oh I hope such and such happens and so I’m going to ignore the reality I have here in front of me.”   That will not work for you.   Saying, “I only get through the day with the hope that Fred will come back to me soon.”  or  “I can only hope and pray that I win the lottery so I don’t drown in bills”  won’t work either.   A false hope is one that ties you to some “someday” external thing that may or may not ever happen.  But true hope and faith are those forces that return your faith in YOU (and Spirit whatever that means to you) and in your power to create calm, success, abundance and a better world.    Real faith isn’t being delusional about what’s possible, nor does it mean you’re living in “hope” instead of being here RIGHT NOW (because this is the only moment we truly have)…. faith is allowing the Universe to be on your side, for the journey to continue, for possibilities to open in front of you like the starlit sea.   This week if your dreams are about work or about those goals that suit your special heart-purpose in this life (and you know what those are!)  — this has special meaning for you this week!     You can get there, fate will help you out — in words of the inimitable Jimminy Cricket “if your heart is in your dream…no request is too extreme”    – let’s sing along:



About this deck:   The Goddess Tarot by Kris Waldherr (and illustrated beautifully by Kris Waldherr)  is a 78 card deck by US Games. I’m usually not into “God/Goddess” themes but this deck has wonderful artwork and Kris Waldherr puts a positive and relatable spin on the traditional tarot.  The deck is also available for the iPhone and Android.