Key to Life Card of the week, 15th September 2014

card 9.15.2014 1


This week’s cards (including a ‘jumper’)   have an interesting combination that provides a key to how to live life.  Funny enough,  in this quirky deck by Russell McDougal, the two key words are “life” and “key”) Life is all about balance; knowing what we CAN change (and being brave and inspired to do just that) and knowing when to let go  (to let things flow, and to let the present be).  This balance between “doing” and “letting things flow” takes centre stage this week and you’re likely to navigate that balance between letting life unfold without effort, and keeping the wind in your own sails.

I’ve often said that the meaning of life is hidden in the lyrics to Row Your Boat – And Mr. McDougal  says,

“Let it Flow Effortlessly – The gift of life is a wonderful thing. Often we get so caught up in the rush of things, that we get full of tension. When we aren’t paying attention, we identify with the thoughts and emotions and take everything personally. We all have problems, but it’s our attitude that determines the quality of our lives. Stress never helped anyone. Just relax into knowing that you are doing the best you can. Be content in knowing that at this moment, this is the way it is, no more and no less. Just go with the flow. Row, row, row your boat, gently down the stream. When you flow effortlessly, life is like a dream.”

card 9.15.2014 2

The booklet entry for “key”  says,

“One of the keys to life is to use your attention to focus on what you want to create. Where you put your attention, energy will follow. Life is a mirror of your mind… Tap into the flow of life and watch things happen. Just let go and start to flow, and soon you’ll know.”

It’s not a matter of knowing when to let go and when to try.   Instead, these energies live together like peas and carrots on one plate.  While we can’t “effort” all the time and MUST learn to let go at times, that doesn’t mean we’re supposed to just lie down in the middle of the road and forget about our empowerment and responsibilities.

For example, we may have to sometimes let go of those things we can’t rush, hurry or directly control, or we might have to let go of our feelings of responsibility for the actions or emotions of others… but at the same time, we do have the ability to lift ourselves up, to make choices and to send ourselves sailing towards our visions and our practical duties. Knowing when to let go and trust things to flow and unfold frees up all KINDS of energy for other purposes.

The easiest way to know if you’re flowing and empowering yourself is to look at the things you’re pouring your energy into this week…. are they things you can truly control or influence? Are you taking on too much responsibility?  Do you feel upset or stuck?  What if, instead of trying to push external things to your will,  you put your energy into your own pursuits and those things that you CAN influence (your own thoughts and emotions, your choices in how you deal with others, your attitude).

This is an awesome week to send some wind and energy (intention) into your own kite so that you can soar above anything getting you down, and a perfect time to pedal down the road under your OWN power.  Don’t wait for anyone or anything else to help you feel like you’re motivated.   Nobody can empower you but YOU.    Flow feels amazing… and it feels exciting and invigorating. You do have the ability to free your energy and to use that trust in the flow of life to help you power your adventures and choices this week. Pack your pup in your bicycle basket and ride!


Have a great one!


About this deck: ISLE of View is a self-published 50 card deck and booklet  by Russell McDougal featuring fun art collages and acronyms to inspire you and re-Mind you.

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