Strength and Hope; Card of the Week 22nd September 2014

card 9.22.2014

I love this week’s card!  The Star is one of the most positive and beautiful cards  in the tarot (here with Kris Waldherr’s  Goddess Tarot deck) –  it reminds us of hope and faith and one that tells us that even though we’ve been through tough times,  we’re now in a place of transformation, healing, inspiration, and success.  In the Goddess Tarot, The Star focuses on the symbolism of strength and power with a pair of winged lions, and Inanna, the Sumerian Goddess of Love, Fertility and War  (whose ancient symbol is an 8 pointed star) while in  the traditional tarot, the Star features a woman pouring water into a pool and onto a parched landscape in the foreground of a starry sky.  One of her feet is in the water (symbolising her connection with her own intuitive voice of wisdom and spiritual connection) and the other foot is planted on the ground (in touch with her practical reality and the common sense tools she has in the physical world).     In the sky above her, 8 pointed stars gleam as symbols of strength.

card 9.22.2014 2


The presence of the Star this week reminds you that you’re entering into personal transformation and that a better, brighter future is waiting for you.  Right now the Universe has your back and you know what?  You have your own back too with the power of your own wisdom and practical common sense.   The star gleams overhead reminding you of wonderful possibilities as long as you don’t give up on yourself  and understand that you can’t get there if you give up on the faith and hope of a better tomorrow.    Like any gleaming star to a sailor lost at sea,  this one says that hope, faith, help and inspiration is all around you to guide you on the journey.

Here’s the thing about “hope” though…   having faith and hope is not about saying “oh I hope such and such happens and so I’m going to ignore the reality I have here in front of me.”   That will not work for you.   Saying, “I only get through the day with the hope that Fred will come back to me soon.”  or  “I can only hope and pray that I win the lottery so I don’t drown in bills”  won’t work either.   A false hope is one that ties you to some “someday” external thing that may or may not ever happen.  But true hope and faith are those forces that return your faith in YOU (and Spirit whatever that means to you) and in your power to create calm, success, abundance and a better world.    Real faith isn’t being delusional about what’s possible, nor does it mean you’re living in “hope” instead of being here RIGHT NOW (because this is the only moment we truly have)…. faith is allowing the Universe to be on your side, for the journey to continue, for possibilities to open in front of you like the starlit sea.   This week if your dreams are about work or about those goals that suit your special heart-purpose in this life (and you know what those are!)  — this has special meaning for you this week!     You can get there, fate will help you out — in words of the inimitable Jimminy Cricket “if your heart is in your dream…no request is too extreme”    – let’s sing along:



About this deck:   The Goddess Tarot by Kris Waldherr (and illustrated beautifully by Kris Waldherr)  is a 78 card deck by US Games. I’m usually not into “God/Goddess” themes but this deck has wonderful artwork and Kris Waldherr puts a positive and relatable spin on the traditional tarot.  The deck is also available for the iPhone and Android.

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