Goodies for Fall 2014

Happy Fall Day


An equinox is an astronomical event where the sun is at its zenith over the equator and light and dark, day and night are in perfect balance.   For those of us in the Northern hemisphere, we’re on the threshold of fall and in the Southern hemisphere,  spring is about to burst forth. The Autumnal Equinox hit us on 23rd September, 2014 at 2:29 UTC – making this the first full  day of fall (though yesterday was an acceptable celebration too, since for most of us the equinox was on the 22nd there’s tons of confusion on the web about this ha! ).      So Happy FALL DAY, and Mabon everybody! (more on that in a sec)

I love autumn and while it’s still summer where I am, golden leaves have started to dot walkways and paths and the tops of certain trees are already glowing like yellow torches, leading the way for fall.  Trader Joe’s is carrying probably six thousand pumpkin and pumpkin spice related items  so all is right in the world.

Before we head into this season, let’s pause today and celebrate the balance and poise of the equinox and also the new moon (September 23rd and 24th) in Libra.  A new moon is traditionally a time to set intentions and plant seeds – this month, it’s perfect timing to set intentions towards peace, cooperation and balance (reflecting the Libraness of the moon)

So what’s this Fall Day, you ask? When I was a kid, and because nobody in my family knew about Mabon,  my family invented a holiday to mark the entrance to fall:  “Fall Day”  (one of many family rituals and made up excuses to celebrate).     I would make a special meal and we’d decorate with wooden acorns and paper leaves with messages on them for the upcoming year. My mom and I would go into town for a special chocolate and take a walk looking for leaves and flowers to make a fall wreath.  This is the time of year I think of (and miss!)  my mom the most.  Happy Fall Day, mom, where ever you are!

Finally,  Psychic Guidepost Magazine – for FALL 2014  is out and inside there are articles by Doreen Virtue, John Holland, Tana Hoy and yours truly (on Robin Williams and walking meditation)   — and many other fun articles and tidbits.  Check it out!   (you can view it free online, buy a print copy or view it on your devices)

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