The Great Pumpkin Patch: Cards of the Week 27th October 2014

card 10.27.2014 1



This week we have two special cards from the adorable “Halloween Tarot” deck to celebrate this final week of October.  It is said that during the time of the 31st through November 2nd (Celebrated around the world in Halloween, Dia de los Muertos, All Souls Day, Samhain, All Saints Day) we’re more receptive to inspiration, guidance  and to the world beyond our own.

In this version, the Sun card  is depicted as a scene of happy comfort within an ogre cave -with a sun rising outside just outside,  sun flowers  bouncing,  a cute bouquet in a vase brightening the room and an air of contentment on the faces of everyone present. Ogre is snacking on a tasty bone, and the bat- mom is waking up from a happy dream while baby bat sleeps with a smile on her face.  Even the skulls are happy to play with the kitty or prop up the Ogre twins as they snack.

This week’s SUN is about  embracing our path with a sense of excitement, positivity, and well-being instead of being shackled by the old way of doing things or being confined by the incessant need to “control”.  The sun says that the rain clouds of  Mercury Retrograde and solar eclipse transformation (or whatever struggle you have experienced or believe in)  are on their way out and the sun will be shining again even more strongly than before.   This is the sun warming our faces and drying the puddles of gloom in our practical lives,  but it also speaks of the insights and understandings that have dawned on us and the secret, important messages bubbling up in our heart of hearts. This is about your life’s purpose, your path and any deep change that you’re processing on a spiritual or practical level.      That said, it’s not time to be bogged down with seriousness or to lose sight of the warming rays of the sun.    That feeling of newness we have when the sun first breaks from a storm is “anything is possible” and that energy may start to bubble within us this week.    Sun is about happiness and joy and relaxation. – Grace without effort.   This is not a time to try to contrive or create happiness… but just to enjoy and open up a little bit … get into the simple pleasures of your life.  The sun is all about innocent simplicity instead of scheming and elaborate plans. In the original Rider-Waite imagery, the Sun depicts a child riding hands free on a horse…   this is a time to LET GO and enjoy and to let the momentum lead you.

card 10.27.2014 2

The second card is the Seven of Pumpkins (really the 7 of pentacles)

Remember the Great Pumpkin?   For those of you who grew up on another planet, Linus in the cartoon series Peanuts believed that the Great Pumpkin would choose the most sincere pumpkin patch and on Halloween night, he’d rise up bringing toys and goodies for all. Unfortunately for Linus,  his pumpkin patch was often driven by dogged anxiety even though his faithfulness was without question.  Time and time again, he’d wait all night for the Great Pumpkin to appear.  Don’t we all know that feeling?   Well here it is!  The Great Pumpkin.

This card is about being satisfied in our effort and taking some time to admire the sincerity of our pumpkin patch. We’ve done a really good job tending something carefully…  that good things can grow and a reward can be held in your hand.   The Seven of Pumpkins is a really successful and wonderful card for this week!   This is also a time of considering where to put our efforts so that we are not putting effort into something with no returns or no pay-out.  We’re considering what to plant, what to water and how it can be really useful to us and others instead of just mindlessly putting our energy into things that don’t support our higher good.   But remember, this is not the time to bog yourself down in weighty determinations about these matters.. the Sun card still applies to the pumpkin patch! It’s time to let go,  admire what we’ve done so far and take simple pleasure and joy.  To be sincere is to take action from genuine feelings (instead of fear)  and there’s no better way to feel more whole-hearted and genuine than to let yourself be in out in the sun, appreciating your efforts and growth.   Maybe the Great Pumpkin will visit after all!


great pumpkin


Halloween is one of my favourite times of the year and I love  the different traditions of fun and sharing fun with others.   I watch scary movies if I can,  decorate the outside of the house, pass out treats,  and perform Bach’s Toccata and Fugue in D minor on an organ for the little ghouls and goblins Winking smile   (I’m sure they’re too young to get the Vincent Price old-movie nod in that but it’s fun for ME!)

— even if you don’t celebrate Halloween this is a good week for a little fun – have a good one!

About this deck:   The Halloween Tarot by Karin Lee and Kipling West is published by U.S. Games Systems, Inc.  and is a 78 card deck featuring Halloween themed images. This deck is really cute and it’s one that many people use all year round. The images are non-scary and the book gives insight into the traditions and symbolism of the season.

A little INDI-decision: Card of the Week; 20th October 2014


card 10.20.2014

This week’s card comes from another deck that makes me think of the fall and Halloween:    “The Faeries Oracle”  by concept designer and artist for films like “The Dark Crystal”, Brian Froud.     This adorable little creature, Indi, is a “Challenge Fairy” here to help with our insecurities, fears or issues.      See the two balls in his hands?   Indi represents that part of us that might be totally confused about what option to choose and is so overwhelmed by the choices that he’s just stuck.

Indecision can strike any of us at any time.  Standing in a store reading every ingredient on the shampoo bottle and conducting massive  online-searches for the opinions of 85 other people is normal in the world we live in now.  In an era of “information overload” it’s hard to make decisions because we feel like we’ll get something wrong if we make the wrong choice or … that nagging feeling of, “Well maybe the leaf-blower 3500 is worse than the Leaf-Blower 2000? – What if I miss out on the BEST thing?”    – made even more difficult there’s SO much information out there, it’s hard to know who to trust and what information to take in.  Not only when it comes to stuff like the best salad dressing, but also when it comes to matters closer to heart.

Indi sometimes dissolves into a pit of confusion and indecision over which option to choose and, in the process, makes himself so anxious that he can’t pick anything soundly.   Right now the energy might feel extra “confusing” so making simple choices might seem a little more tricky than usual.  INDI’s here to remind us with some friendly encouragement to MAKE A CHOICE this week if we need to, and to stick with it and follow through on it.   It’s time to make a choice, so give yourself a specific deadline in which to make your choice and then stick to it, so you can get back to “doing” instead of debating.   (In the rare instance that you TRULY  have something big to weigh out and you don’t have all the information you need yet…. then make a clear decision to revisit the topic later.   Whatever you do, weighing, mulling and going back and forth is not what you should be doing with your week.  Most of the time though, you should have the info you need.)

We are scared to make the wrong move and that’s why choices are hard sometimes.  But the truth about choices is that MOST of the time, except in very rare instances, making a right or wrong choice is not going to radically alter your destiny.  Most of the time, believe it or not, it doesn’t matter WHAT we pick as long as we have the attitude that we can deal with the consequences of our choices and use our efforts and intentions to do our best, to use our faculties and innovation the best we can, and do the best we can by ourselves and others.

So you pick a salty salad dressing… so what?   You can always go back and try a different variety later.  You can tweak the dressing, you can create something new, change your mind later and most importantly:  you can DEAL WITH IT!    Use the experience to learn by instead of paralysing yourself with an artificial “right” and “wrong” dilemma that most of the time doesn’t matter and which keeps you STUCK by not making any choice at all.

Are you one of those people who reads every online review and article and gets the advice of 40 friends before you make a move?  Maybe Indi is reminding you that by learning to TRUST yourself (whatever you choose, good or bad)  is the cornerstone of being a choice-making pro in your own life.   Being able to trust yourself to make choices and to listen to your own wisdom is key.  If you didn’t worry so much about making the “wrong” choice – what would YOU choose?

Over the course of your life, I promise that you WILL sometimes make a less- than-perfect choice and your guidance system, intuition, and heart will not always lead you in the perfect direction.  You will get the wrong salad dressing.  That’s the way life is.  But it’s what you DO with that experience that matters      So how come we can’t we just find the best salad dressing when we want to?  That’s so we can learn about the world outside of our own narrow parameters and experience. Mistakes can be great teachers and sometimes can lead to really great innovations and surprises that the seemingly “right” option might not have.    Maybe that balsamic, fig, tarragon is wayyyy better than you ever dreamed a dressing could be and your “this is right” parameters wouldn’t have lead you to it otherwise!  Maybe you’ll use your experience to help other people by writing about the salad dressings you sample.

One caveat about “research”:  at some point you have to just close the Amazon window and the endless review pages and opinions of other people and learn to trust your OWN SELF. Pick something – dedicate yourself to it 100% and follow through on it. Give it your best shot. Give it your better than best shot, then see what happens.   If it’s not OK – you can tweak, fix and create or try again.    At the end of the day you will feel good about your ability to choose and to COMMIT to things that are important.  Fidelity and commitment are the corner-stones of Indi’s message this week. – So have a great week picking, choosing and FOLLOWING through 100%

About this deck:  The Faeries Oracle  by Brian Froud and Jessica MacBeth  is a 66 card deck and book published by Fireside -unlike any other oracle.    I love the artwork of Brian Froud – the conceptual designer and costume designer for movies including childhood faves  “Labyrinth” and “The Dark Crystal”  — so getting this deck was a no-brainer. That said, I haven’t worked with it much in the years I’ve had it, and it hasn’t captured me … yet.  I’m sure in due time I’ll be a fan!   This is one of the most popular oracle decks out there and the accompanying book is delightful.

Lovely Autumn – Cards of the week, 13th October 2014


card 10.13.2014 1

I picked this week’s card  from the Tree Oracle deck because the deck itself is entirely done in the warm, tan, gold, reds and yellows of fall.   I didn’t expect the draw to take our “AUTUMN” theme so literally… but it did, and out popped the card for “Autumn”   – Nice!!

Autumn is such a beautiful time, with joys of its own  (pumpkin spice everything, crisp clean air, gem coloured leaves falling on the sidewalk) but it also marks a time of change and transition, and in those times  it’s likely that we’ll face a little bit of poignancy at the ending of one time and start of another.  Our feelings and emotions might be scattered like all the red, gold and amber leaves in the wind.  We might feel very nostalgic, sad, or in some way reflecting on all that we have been through up until this point. The triumphs we had, along with the golden days of summer, are now passing into a new phase… a time where we have to let go and let others shine so we can take on the next new thing to build up, enjoy and excel at.  (For some of us this is the winding down of an active phase of  school, a job, a project,  or a time of “parenting” someone or something, or change in relationship)

Our NEW roles and jobs will be awesome in the coming months, but right now it’s ok to let those memories serve as teachers and to enjoy how very far we’ve come or to show us where the next new part of growth must be in a time of great personal growth and change.  The laurel leaves of a couple of weeks ago are now a big pile of leaves to jump in, to revel in… to admire… because the next step is to start the learning, growing and doing phase in the NEW thing… whatever it is.

If you notice your thoughts whirring around like all those leaves in the wind, or feel scattered, it’s part of the energy of this time and this card speaks to this influence as well – from the LWB,

“Gather all your thoughts and feel your way through this period of life. Write yourself a letter or journal  your thoughts and feelings. The Tree of Life Autumn showers us with emotional colours. Allow yourself to feel all the emotions you have now instead of fighting them. Each leaf has a message of its own, like a letter from the Spirit Realm, urging you to believe in yourself.”

I love that line… and as my clients and students know, I’m a big proponent of embracing emotions and thoughts instead of trying to outrun them or making difficult ones go away.  That was a special message during the eclipse that I picked up on more than once in the past week, and so this card is a good reminder to keep honouring our feelings by really being aware of them again this week.


This deck is a little bit  “sticky” so a jumper came with the autumn card:


card 10.13.2014 2

Awww love.  This is a positive message about love of all sorts:   love of yourself (the most important thing to feel)  which extends to the love of spirit, love of other people, love of life.   This can represent love and romance in the typical sense of the word – with the passion and connection it stirs, but it can also mean the love of a friend, a partner, parent or family member coming to support you.  Love is abounding everywhere!

You’ll find the ways in which love can help you grow upwards, supported, like the trees in this image.  Let love reach in and touch you this week. This is love in the most pure form… it’s the kind of love that allows you to be independent (not enmeshed with someone to the extent that you have a hard time living your life, or unable to move away from that person when you need to)  – the kind of love that allows you to feel completely supported….love that WANTS you to grow into the best you that you can be, and allows you to do just that.

Enjoy, because  this is AWESOME to receive from another person… but why not enact this in your life and be the love-leader this week!   Show this kind of love to someone before they have a chance to show it to you.  Who can you love in a way that makes that other person feel like you WANT them to grow on the path they choose  and that your support is the most powerful demonstration of your love  (versus doing what you want them to do, or what you think they should be doing, or from a place of need or control that’s all about you)?       This is supportive love, not “entangled” love… for it’s as Kahlil Gibran says of trees and love:


Give your hearts, but not into each other’s keeping.
For only the hand of Life can contain your hearts.
And stand together yet not too near together:
For the pillars of the temple stand apart,
And the oak tree and the cypress grow not in each other’s shadow.


Have a wonderful and love-filled week, everyone!


About this deck:    The Tree of Life Oracle by Elaine Clayton is a small deck of 30 cards (all in a cute little magnetic enclosure box) published by Schiffer Publishing, Ltd  —  I’m a sucker for any deck that is “Tree” themed and this one delivers some unusual goods:   the style of the illustration and the simplicity make this deck especially suited to purely intuitive meanings or coming up with your own associations even if you never crack open the book that accompanies the deck.