Time in Your Nest; Card of the week, 6 October 2014


card 10.6.2014

The theme for the month of October is autumn… and this week’s card is the “Nine of Autumn”  from the Victorian Fairy Tarot deck.  I just love this card. It’s one of my favourites in the deck-  an adorable fairy lady is cozied up in her nest high up in a wild plum tree with plums as red as an eclipse moon**. Summer leaves are being replaced by golden ones of autumn, and her friend the house sparrow has stopped by for a visit while she knits.  She has just about everything she could want or need in arm’s reach and doesn’t have to go very far.

Lately, we’ve all been a little frazzled or harried with a lot going on.   Either we’ve felt busy and overwhelmed by things or maybe even a little bored and lonesome wishing we could get out and be happy.     This card reminds us to find that wonderful balance between being social (and doing a lot of activities) and being solitary.  We might need a little rest and “catch-up” this week to keep all the fast moving growth from totally overwhelming us – plus there’s a big push to be contented with what we HAVE before we rush out trying to get more, do more, and socialize more.    This message is about keeping it simple without being lonely.      Yes it’s still a busy time, – and this cozy resting spot is not total withdrawal. We’re still asked to be active and focused on what needs to be done (see that big knitting basket?)  but at the same time, this is the week to count the blessings that are close to home and to enjoy our own cozy “nest” of solitude instead of taking on the world every minute of the day.

In the language of flowers the plum tree represents “independence” (one of the great things about this deck is that each card is rich with plant symbolism!)  and it matches our fairy’s self reliant vibe.  She feels content to be by herself because she knows she can care for all of her needs, she doesn’t have to answer to anyone, and she enjoys her own company.  That doesn’t mean she’s depressed or all alone ( in fact she’s got company coming in to visit!) … it just means that her sense of self reliance and trust in herself is bigger and stronger than any  blues caused by wanting others to pay attention to her, care for her, or be present in those times when this is not possible.   If people aren’t around right now for any reason, this lesson is even more important!   If you’ve felt lonesome or detached in the busy energy or start of Mercury retrograde, then this call to be at home with YOURSELF might be especially powerful.    If you don’t feel content with what you have and what you can give yourself, you’re more likely to chase after others or sources outside yourself from a place of need and panic.  It’s way better to take a break this week, be happy with what you HAVE and let all the wonderful influences be in arm’s reach!

This also means that this is not the time where you have to go out hunting and chasing happiness or sustenance far and wide. This is a time to be close to home and tend to those things that are most important and to enjoy your time. Don’t deny yourself the treat of having some time to yourself (and even to spend some time apart from a loved one) to take care of yourself.   This is a time of independence, solitude, self-sufficiency and confidence.   You can take good care of all the important things and all the good things can be very close by if you let them be… you’re stocked up with plums and you can rest a bit!

**On October 7-8th (at around 6:20 am Eastern US time) there will be a total lunar eclipse (also called a “Blood Moon” because the moon will turn a pretty red colour in the shadow of our planet).  It’s also the Harvest full moon…   astrologically this eclipse is supposed to be very important and hints at the continuing themes of big changes and transformations!   I’ll be up early to see the Eclipse.  Enjoy the week!


About this deck: About this deck:    The  Victorian Fairy Tarot  by Lunaea Weatherstone and Gary Lippincott, published by Llewellyn,  is one of the most beautifully painted and illustrated tarot decks ever created.  Even if you’re not into “fairies” – this one is worth it just for the artwork.   Check out my full review of this deck in psychic Guidepost Magazine available online here.

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