Lovely Autumn – Cards of the week, 13th October 2014


card 10.13.2014 1

I picked this week’s card  from the Tree Oracle deck because the deck itself is entirely done in the warm, tan, gold, reds and yellows of fall.   I didn’t expect the draw to take our “AUTUMN” theme so literally… but it did, and out popped the card for “Autumn”   – Nice!!

Autumn is such a beautiful time, with joys of its own  (pumpkin spice everything, crisp clean air, gem coloured leaves falling on the sidewalk) but it also marks a time of change and transition, and in those times  it’s likely that we’ll face a little bit of poignancy at the ending of one time and start of another.  Our feelings and emotions might be scattered like all the red, gold and amber leaves in the wind.  We might feel very nostalgic, sad, or in some way reflecting on all that we have been through up until this point. The triumphs we had, along with the golden days of summer, are now passing into a new phase… a time where we have to let go and let others shine so we can take on the next new thing to build up, enjoy and excel at.  (For some of us this is the winding down of an active phase of  school, a job, a project,  or a time of “parenting” someone or something, or change in relationship)

Our NEW roles and jobs will be awesome in the coming months, but right now it’s ok to let those memories serve as teachers and to enjoy how very far we’ve come or to show us where the next new part of growth must be in a time of great personal growth and change.  The laurel leaves of a couple of weeks ago are now a big pile of leaves to jump in, to revel in… to admire… because the next step is to start the learning, growing and doing phase in the NEW thing… whatever it is.

If you notice your thoughts whirring around like all those leaves in the wind, or feel scattered, it’s part of the energy of this time and this card speaks to this influence as well – from the LWB,

“Gather all your thoughts and feel your way through this period of life. Write yourself a letter or journal  your thoughts and feelings. The Tree of Life Autumn showers us with emotional colours. Allow yourself to feel all the emotions you have now instead of fighting them. Each leaf has a message of its own, like a letter from the Spirit Realm, urging you to believe in yourself.”

I love that line… and as my clients and students know, I’m a big proponent of embracing emotions and thoughts instead of trying to outrun them or making difficult ones go away.  That was a special message during the eclipse that I picked up on more than once in the past week, and so this card is a good reminder to keep honouring our feelings by really being aware of them again this week.


This deck is a little bit  “sticky” so a jumper came with the autumn card:


card 10.13.2014 2

Awww love.  This is a positive message about love of all sorts:   love of yourself (the most important thing to feel)  which extends to the love of spirit, love of other people, love of life.   This can represent love and romance in the typical sense of the word – with the passion and connection it stirs, but it can also mean the love of a friend, a partner, parent or family member coming to support you.  Love is abounding everywhere!

You’ll find the ways in which love can help you grow upwards, supported, like the trees in this image.  Let love reach in and touch you this week. This is love in the most pure form… it’s the kind of love that allows you to be independent (not enmeshed with someone to the extent that you have a hard time living your life, or unable to move away from that person when you need to)  – the kind of love that allows you to feel completely supported….love that WANTS you to grow into the best you that you can be, and allows you to do just that.

Enjoy, because  this is AWESOME to receive from another person… but why not enact this in your life and be the love-leader this week!   Show this kind of love to someone before they have a chance to show it to you.  Who can you love in a way that makes that other person feel like you WANT them to grow on the path they choose  and that your support is the most powerful demonstration of your love  (versus doing what you want them to do, or what you think they should be doing, or from a place of need or control that’s all about you)?       This is supportive love, not “entangled” love… for it’s as Kahlil Gibran says of trees and love:


Give your hearts, but not into each other’s keeping.
For only the hand of Life can contain your hearts.
And stand together yet not too near together:
For the pillars of the temple stand apart,
And the oak tree and the cypress grow not in each other’s shadow.


Have a wonderful and love-filled week, everyone!


About this deck:    The Tree of Life Oracle by Elaine Clayton is a small deck of 30 cards (all in a cute little magnetic enclosure box) published by Schiffer Publishing, Ltd  —  I’m a sucker for any deck that is “Tree” themed and this one delivers some unusual goods:   the style of the illustration and the simplicity make this deck especially suited to purely intuitive meanings or coming up with your own associations even if you never crack open the book that accompanies the deck.

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