A little INDI-decision: Card of the Week; 20th October 2014


card 10.20.2014

This week’s card comes from another deck that makes me think of the fall and Halloween:    “The Faeries Oracle”  by concept designer and artist for films like “The Dark Crystal”, Brian Froud.     This adorable little creature, Indi, is a “Challenge Fairy” here to help with our insecurities, fears or issues.      See the two balls in his hands?   Indi represents that part of us that might be totally confused about what option to choose and is so overwhelmed by the choices that he’s just stuck.

Indecision can strike any of us at any time.  Standing in a store reading every ingredient on the shampoo bottle and conducting massive  online-searches for the opinions of 85 other people is normal in the world we live in now.  In an era of “information overload” it’s hard to make decisions because we feel like we’ll get something wrong if we make the wrong choice or … that nagging feeling of, “Well maybe the leaf-blower 3500 is worse than the Leaf-Blower 2000? – What if I miss out on the BEST thing?”    – made even more difficult there’s SO much information out there, it’s hard to know who to trust and what information to take in.  Not only when it comes to stuff like the best salad dressing, but also when it comes to matters closer to heart.

Indi sometimes dissolves into a pit of confusion and indecision over which option to choose and, in the process, makes himself so anxious that he can’t pick anything soundly.   Right now the energy might feel extra “confusing” so making simple choices might seem a little more tricky than usual.  INDI’s here to remind us with some friendly encouragement to MAKE A CHOICE this week if we need to, and to stick with it and follow through on it.   It’s time to make a choice, so give yourself a specific deadline in which to make your choice and then stick to it, so you can get back to “doing” instead of debating.   (In the rare instance that you TRULY  have something big to weigh out and you don’t have all the information you need yet…. then make a clear decision to revisit the topic later.   Whatever you do, weighing, mulling and going back and forth is not what you should be doing with your week.  Most of the time though, you should have the info you need.)

We are scared to make the wrong move and that’s why choices are hard sometimes.  But the truth about choices is that MOST of the time, except in very rare instances, making a right or wrong choice is not going to radically alter your destiny.  Most of the time, believe it or not, it doesn’t matter WHAT we pick as long as we have the attitude that we can deal with the consequences of our choices and use our efforts and intentions to do our best, to use our faculties and innovation the best we can, and do the best we can by ourselves and others.

So you pick a salty salad dressing… so what?   You can always go back and try a different variety later.  You can tweak the dressing, you can create something new, change your mind later and most importantly:  you can DEAL WITH IT!    Use the experience to learn by instead of paralysing yourself with an artificial “right” and “wrong” dilemma that most of the time doesn’t matter and which keeps you STUCK by not making any choice at all.

Are you one of those people who reads every online review and article and gets the advice of 40 friends before you make a move?  Maybe Indi is reminding you that by learning to TRUST yourself (whatever you choose, good or bad)  is the cornerstone of being a choice-making pro in your own life.   Being able to trust yourself to make choices and to listen to your own wisdom is key.  If you didn’t worry so much about making the “wrong” choice – what would YOU choose?

Over the course of your life, I promise that you WILL sometimes make a less- than-perfect choice and your guidance system, intuition, and heart will not always lead you in the perfect direction.  You will get the wrong salad dressing.  That’s the way life is.  But it’s what you DO with that experience that matters      So how come we can’t we just find the best salad dressing when we want to?  That’s so we can learn about the world outside of our own narrow parameters and experience. Mistakes can be great teachers and sometimes can lead to really great innovations and surprises that the seemingly “right” option might not have.    Maybe that balsamic, fig, tarragon is wayyyy better than you ever dreamed a dressing could be and your “this is right” parameters wouldn’t have lead you to it otherwise!  Maybe you’ll use your experience to help other people by writing about the salad dressings you sample.

One caveat about “research”:  at some point you have to just close the Amazon window and the endless review pages and opinions of other people and learn to trust your OWN SELF. Pick something – dedicate yourself to it 100% and follow through on it. Give it your best shot. Give it your better than best shot, then see what happens.   If it’s not OK – you can tweak, fix and create or try again.    At the end of the day you will feel good about your ability to choose and to COMMIT to things that are important.  Fidelity and commitment are the corner-stones of Indi’s message this week. – So have a great week picking, choosing and FOLLOWING through 100%

About this deck:  The Faeries Oracle  by Brian Froud and Jessica MacBeth  is a 66 card deck and book published by Fireside -unlike any other oracle.    I love the artwork of Brian Froud – the conceptual designer and costume designer for movies including childhood faves  “Labyrinth” and “The Dark Crystal”  — so getting this deck was a no-brainer. That said, I haven’t worked with it much in the years I’ve had it, and it hasn’t captured me … yet.  I’m sure in due time I’ll be a fan!   This is one of the most popular oracle decks out there and the accompanying book is delightful.

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