Anchor Down! Card of the week 3rd November 2014

card 11.3.2014

This week’s card from the French “L’Oeil de Lotus”  (Eye of the Lotus Oracle)   is a great one.  For the past month or so we’ve all experienced the relative hubbub (if not outright turmoil)  of change and shifts in the way things are… a definite tilt to the status quo.    For a few it has been  powerful and irrevocable (the ending of a relationship, the start of a new job, a new home…) for others there were  internal shifts where the realisation dawned that some part of life has come to a conclusion or that some new way of being is about to take shape.

This past month was also  a very powerful time when things were molding and forming behind scenes like a team building the sets and sewing the costumes for the next scene of the play.   For those that follow universal energy themes and astrology, October had some biggies; the Mercury Retrograde period (and the “shadow” effect before and after) as well as the eclipse… it brought up a LOT OF STUFF to work on!  Emotionally, energetically,  and mentally.

That’s why it’s great to see the “anchor” motif show up.   Like, ‘Ahhh, finally … some stability!’  As with the “Sun” card last week, we have more solidity and warmth to look forward to.  Not just this week, but this month in general we’re ready to bid farewell to the swirling, choppy waters at sea and drop anchor at port.  This is a time when stabilisation and stability are the focus even if it doesn’t all happen at once this week (wouldn’t that be nice?)  .. there’s a start.

You might notice that whatever set things on edge or out of kilter last week is finally calming down, or you might notice that forces around you are generally a LOT more concrete and stable this week. Finally, things are evening out and feeling solid.  You might even communicate and have a heart to heart with one of your “rocks”- a person you can always count on.    Now that’s awesome,  – but we also want to make sure we’re cultivating and promoting stability through conscious choices and actions. For a select few this week, once again, there is guidance that this is a time of CREATING stability instead of waiting for it to come knocking.

For those whom this applies, that might mean evaluating those choices and activities that get you further away from your goals, visions and immediate stability.  See what has been working in recent days… and what hasn’t.   Maybe you notice that getting to bed early and answering mails from your boss promptly last week  are in the “this works” pile but that going out every night or flipping through the ex’s FB page are in the “don’t work” pile.

Make an active commitment this week do what DOES work for you more, and less of what keeps you spinning your wheels.  Like anything else in life, stability is not just the outside world creating those forces that help us be stable, but also a series of decisions and engaging new habits until they become routine.  We’ve heard this one before, and it’s back this week as a reminder.

We all know how easy it is to get used to instability. We get used to chaos, to hearing the drama spilling out of the mouths of friends, co-workers and family.    We hardly notice how deeply etched our routes are, and so we drift towards instability because it’s what we know and what we’ve grown accustomed to.  We become acclimated to the endless “search” (for a guy, a job, a client, a buyer, a friend – or whatever it is) and NOT so used to the stable “I HAVE IT IN MY LIFE” reality of those things.  It’s like living out of a suitcase for so long and always in “prep” (or wait) mode we forget how to live in a real home of our own.

It’s home-coming time.  We’re going to be asked to move out of that suitcase and distance from anything that has destabilised us in the past few weeks.   (And you’ll know what those forces/people/places/habits or haunts are because they did just that: destabilise – making you feel less than secure and unfocused on your true purpose).

Stability starts within and sometimes even before the “thing” is taking shape (before the ink is dry on the new contract or the new job that we’re set to start, or the new relationship, etc.)  we’re asked to bring that sense of “anchored” into our lives on OUR OWN so that we’re not whirling and whirring so fast and so indiscriminately (or focused on all the wrong things) that we miss important clues about what to do next.

Being on solid ground all of the sudden is AMAZING and wonderful but it can feel a shocking  when our legs have gone all rubbery at sea.   Remember, as weird as it might feel, an anchor of unshakable stability will help us weather all the changes coming up.   (An anchor of stability is NOT the kind of anchor that holds you down or keeps you bored so you don’t have to worry about being dragged to the bottom of the ocean or lose excitement and freedom in the process, – for those secretly afraid of stability.)

The numerological significance of the card number “44” is that it can be reduced down to the number 8 which represents practicality (often money and finances) and BALANCE.  Can’t have balance without a stable anchored centre.  Kinda neat!  It reaffirms what this week is all about.  Have a good one, everybody! 🙂


About this deck:   L’Oeil de Lotus oracle deck by Colette and Gérard Lougarre is a 55 card French deck with various modern images.