“Thanks” Giving?

Happy Thanksgiving 2014

Today is Thanksgiving  for some … others don’t celebrate, and friends up North celebrated last month.  I thought it’d be a good time to write a little bit about “Thanks”

Thanks gets a bad rap. We often equate gratitude and acceptance with being weak and accepting things at a state less than what we wish them to be. This is not true. Instead, being grateful and appreciating what we have (or accepting what is happening around us) are like magic goggles that help us see how to create the best change for ourselves, our family, community and world.  No joke.

Things don’t have to be perfect in order for us to give thanks or feel gratitude.  Being thankful for finding humble shelter (even if it’s not your dream home) doesn’t mean that you can’t move into a mansion one day, nor does it mean you can’t make your little abode nicer.

Things aren’t always perfect but we can be grateful for that too. I’m grateful for my health even though it’s not perfect.  I’m alive! I can live another day and spread some light and love to those around me, and learn from others even if I get migraines or still have pains from an old injury.    I’m grateful for my house even with a leaking pipe or freezing temperatures creeping in drafts, or the constant need to paint something, replace something, or rebuild something. After all, t’s a wonderful place with musical instruments, people I love,  the tools of my gifts.  I’m grateful for my friends and family and everyone I know in my life.  Sometimes they’re not perfect, or they’re scared or negative…  but the same goes for me too! I’m just glad we have time together to explore and learn together.

Happy Thanks giving, everyone!  I hope no matter what you’re doing, whether it’s turkey (tofurkey?) pumpkin pie, Thai noodles or enchiladas, and no matter where you are… that you have a happy day.


*The image above is a little painting I did on my phone using a program called Artflow using the oil paint brush for the main picture  and the “pen” mode for the lettering.